Guilt-free muffins

Guilt-free muffins

As I hit my late twenties (which wasn’t that long ago, I hasten to add) two things kept ringing in my ears: a close friend’s promise that “once you hit 30, your body changes and everything sags”  and another friend’s warning that “your body is never the same after you have a baby.” The thing is, I’ve just turned 30 and recently gave birth to my first child, so it looks like it’s downhill from here…

I was lucky that I snapped back into shape after giving birth. I actually weigh less post-baby than I did before – it’s probably something to do with not eating or sleeping (this is definitely not something I recommend as a weight loss solution!). However, despite the pleasing number on the scales, things are somewhat saggier nowadays. Or perhaps my mirror’s warped (we can but hope!).

Of course, a few extra pump classes (or just one would be a start), longer walks and a session or two of power pilates may regain some tautness, but in order to muster up the energy, I need to know it’ll work. I want the promise of results.

Though I’m sure it’s achievable. I see other mums at the beach showing off their slender figures (some even have a washboard stomach, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) all the time. But, then again, how do I know that they’re not feeling just as saggy as I am?

Is it just easier to resign ourselves to the fact that with baby comes sagginess?  Do we make the subconscious decision to accept the little roll of fat that has appeared around our middles or the increase in the size of our muffin tops because it’s one less thing to feel guilty about? After all, there are plenty of other things for a mum to feel guilty about.

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