Plus-size models get real about body image and their profession

Plus-size models get real about body image and their profession

While the fashion industry has made progress in recent years by diversifying the sizes of models used in campaigns, some plus-size models have spoken out about the real challenges they face in their careers.

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A video by features curvy models that have embraced and accepted the term ‘plus-size’. “I associate myself with the size that I am now,” says one plus-size model. “This is how I get work. This is how I make a living.”

Another explains how the plus-size modelling industry has allowed women of her size to finally have more fashionable clothing options available. “When I was growing up, I couldn’t find clothes in my size and now because of myself and other friends who are my size who are working, there are more options for us,” she says.


However, some of the models revealed the internal struggle they sometimes feel about their size. “Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to add the ‘plus’ to ‘model’, like I’m second class to skinny models,” says one of the women. “It’s ingrained in our heads that if we lose weight, then we’re beautiful,” reveals another.

But the video highlights the positive changes that are happening within the fashion and modelling industries to empower all women around the world. One plus-size model hit the nail on the head – “Once you start dreaming and stop trying to be something you’re not, and start living, that’s when life truly begins.”

Amen to that!

To watch the video, click HERE!

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