The Best Period Underwear And What You Need To Know About Trying Them

best period underwear

One of the best inventions in recent years has got to be period underwear. Whether you’ve got no time for tampons, want to cut down on waste, or are just plain sick of leaks and stains, it’s certainly worth adding a set (or multiple) to your drawer.

The no leaks invention has already seen many women swap pads and menstrual cups for washable, wearable, and comfortable period underwear. But when it comes to trying them for the first time, we’re sure you have questions.

So before diving into the best period underwear to shop in Australia, we’ve answered some of the most common queries…

How does period underwear work?

Period underwear looks just like normal underwear but will feature a lining in the crutch to capture liquid and wick away moisture.

They’re worn exactly the same way as regular underwear and are available at different levels of absorbency to suit your leakage needs. They can hold an impressive amount of fluid (some pairs up to 10 tampons worth) so you can wear them all day and not have to change them over as frequently as other period options.

Does period underwear smell?

If cared for correctly, your period underwear won’t smell. The best pairs of period underwear will include an odour-eliminating layer in the lining to fight bacteria and stop smells.

Will I feel wet?

It’s a rational fear, but rest-assured one that most period underwear technologies will take care of. You shouldn’t feel wet because any fluid will be absorbed by the underwear lining, with moisture-wicking layers to keep you feeling dry. As long as you’re wearing a pair to match your absorbency flow, you’ll remain protected and damp-free.

What’s the deal with washing?

Most period pants are machine washable, though it’s often recommended to give them a cold water rinse and ring out straight after use.

When adding to your load, the preferred method is a gentle cold wash, and then hang out to dry. If you have a laundry bag you can pop them in, this is a bonus and will your garment protected. It’s also important to avoid fabric softeners and strong detergents eg. stain removers, as they can affect the material.

How long does period underwear last?

This will vary from person to person depending on use and level of care, but Modibodi estimates that a pair can last between six months to two years.

Not bad right? Add ‘cost effective’ to the pros list.

So now that you know what you’re in for, who’s up for a pair of period pants?

The best period underwear to shop in Australia

Modi Bodi Active Brief – Light to Moderate

modibodi active brief

Best for everyday activities

Sizes 8-18

$33 at Modibodi

Bonds Bloody Comfy Bikini Light 5 Pack

bonds period underwear value pack

Best value pack

Sizes 6-24

$89.99 at

Thinx Super Cotton Brief

Thinx Super Cotton Brief

Best for heavy days

Sizes XS-4X

$50.76 at

Scarlet The G-String Light

scarlet g string period underwear

Best G-string cut

Sizes XS-2XL

$32 at

Femme Undies Full Brief

(choose 100ml or 250ml absorbency)

femme undies full brief

Best full brief cut

Sizes 8-18

$34.95 at

Love Luna Teens First Period Bikini

Light to moderate

love luna teen period underwear

Best for teens

Sizes 6-16

$15 at

*This article has been updated since its original publication.

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  1. I wish these had been around when I was younger. As it was, I discovered them about 3 years before I hit menopause! Still, they were wonderful for those last few years. I’m still using mine 5 years later, they’re still good for workouts and hot days etc when you don’t want a sweaty patch. And when I can fly again, I’ll be using them there too!

    • I was anxious to try them too so I first tried them when I was home during lockdown. I’ve never had them leak through. Definitely give them a go. Look out for bonds ones on sale. I managed to get some for $6 online a few months ago.

  2. I use period underwear and I think they’re great. I first purchased 4 modibodi ones. I find the overnight ones comfy, the other two not so much. The cut is different and they don’t cover my but so they’re just uncomfortable and I feel like I’ve got a wedgie. I also have bonds ones which are comfortable but thicker so I wear a longer cardigan or a dress when I’m wearing them. My period isn’t heavy so I go through 3 a day (change every 7-8hrs) and only wear them the first 2 days. I rinse them in the shower and then wash them in the washing machine.

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