So, paid pandemic leave is officially a thing


South Australian residents forced to self-isolate during the pandemic will now be eligible to receive $1500 from the state government if they are unable to access sick leave. This one-off payment will also be available to those who are unable to work in order to care for someone required to quarantine.

“The last thing we want is for any South Australian to have to make a choice between putting food on the table and protecting the community from possible infection and a potential second wave,” SA’s Health Minister Stephen Wade said in a press conference.

“Lack of leave entitlements for workers, particularly casual workers, is considered a significant risk factor in not complying with isolation requirements.”

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Workers in an identified COVID-19 cluster who are required to quarantine while awaiting test results will receive an additional upfront payment of $300. Wade is hopeful this will protect those most vulnerable to contracting coronavirus, such as residents in aged care facilities or living in supported disability accommodation.

“We’ve seen, interstate, the serious consequences of individuals who have continued to work while showing symptoms of COVID-19 or awaiting test results with data from Victoria indicating as many as nine out of 10 people who later tested positive for coronavirus were not self-isolating between the onset of symptoms and getting a test,” he explained, adding that it was important for everyone to remain “hypervigilant” in the midst of a second wave.

Currently, similar schemes are in place across Queensland, the ACT and Victoria.

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  1. It’s good that there are financial offerings in place for those who cannot work during this pandemic. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we can get back into our old way of living. Who would of thought 2020 would end up like it has?!

  2. My family is so lucky that my husband’s job was never at risk through this pandemic – unlike so many others who aren’t as fortunate. As a result, his workplace has no such pandemic related programs that I’m aware of. My biggest takeaway from all this is how vulnerable so many of us are. It was devastating to see businesses closing up during the initial lockdown as we defined “essential workers”. When you rely on your paycheck to survive, we’re all essential. Any relief state or federal government can provide to help people get through this is a good thing.

  3. Im very thankful for everything that the State and Federal Government have put in place money wise. I received the one of Covid payment of $750 when I was still on my Carers payment just after R passed away. Then they switched me over to jobseeker which is at a higher rate due to covid so ive been getting an extra $500 a fortnight which is wonderful as sadly the base payment is not enough to live on so things will be very tough when it drops back to that if im still without a job. Lets hope im able to find one. Anyway… the end of September the payment drops down to an extra $250 a fortnight which again is liveable. I also had a State thing where they paid $200 off my power bill which helped a lot also.

    I am beyond thankful. I feel we are are so very lucky to live in a country that helps us in this way. There are other nations that leave you with nothing.

  4. “…as many as nine out of 10 people who later tested positive for coronavirus were not self-isolating between the onset of symptoms and getting a test,” YIKES!


    Hopefully, Govt payments will make it easier for families to get by.

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