Is your body ready for this fashion trend?


And the most striking fashion trend from this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party is… see-through dresses!

*jaw drops*

Yep, the likes of Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Rita Ora and Gigi Hagid all donned revealing gowns for the star-studded after party, the majority of which were black with sheer cut-outs.

Personally, I think Gigi and Heidi look stunning.

Sure, the trend may not be for everyone, but if you’ve got the confidence, why not?

And if you’re keen to get involved but aren’t feeling your absolute best just yet, try:

  1. Firming your bum and thighs by doing these five exercises every day
  2. Purchasing a pair of Hollywood Fashion Tape Satin Nipple Covers to prevent a nip slip (because let’s face it – the chances are quite high in an outfit like this).
  3. Tan yourself from top-to-toe using Bondi Sands Foaming Mousse. With that much skin on show, you’d want it to be flawless!

I’m sure there are many different opinions about these dresses, ranging from ‘too risque’ or ‘absolutely beautiful’.

In light of this, I thought I’d share a study by Twitter, which found there are over 5 million negative beauty-related tweets a year – and unsurprisingly, this pessimistic chatter about celebrities reaches its peak around Oscars’ time.

These findings prompted Dove to release a new positive image campaign using the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful. The initiative is centred on responding to self-loathing or mean tweets with upbeat and positive messages.

So yes, I could’ve gone the other way and criticised these see-through dresses, but there’s already enough negativity in the world and I wanted to #SpeakBeautiful and encourage others to do the same.

What are your thoughts on the dresses? Do you like the sound of Dove’s campaign? How would you respond to a friend if they chastised themselves?

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