Office gossip: marshmallows and more tea

Office gossip: marshmallows and more tea

You might think the bh office is a haven of calm and tranquillity. But the truth is, you never know what you’re going to get. It could be oil burners and green tea one day, nail polish and fake tan the next.

But one thing is for certain, we’re always, always debating what’s hot, and what’s not.  


Tea parties

We’re having our very own Mad Hatter’s tea party thanks to the lovely white tea sent over from Nivea and ModelCo – thanks guys. BTW, keep your eyes peeled for Nivea’s new white tea inspired body product.

Tinted tanning

We’ve taken mishmashmama’s comments on board and are saying so long Oompa Loompa, hello subtle coverage courtesy of Juice Organics tinted moisturiser.

Retro cool

Still channelling the Hollywood hotties, we’re taking retro cool one step further and are coveting Dior Diorama. Now we smell like Paris, surely someone will take us there. Please?

Oz exports

As Tammin Sursok dazzled at the Daytime Emmys, shoppers worldwide were snapping up homegrown brands like Fudge and Urban Rituelle. It seems everyone wants a piece of Down Under beauty.



Repeat after us: marshmallows and Gummy Bears do not a healthy diet make. We have to
remind ourselves every now and then that we’re beauty writers, not food critics. 

Eau de paint

While we’re super excited about our office makeover, the smell of fresh paint wafting from the walls last week drove us all a little crazy. Give us Coco Mademoiselle any day.


We’ve seen you shivering on street corners. Is it really worth it? If you’re not worried about catching a cold, at least think of your skin and stub it out.

Grey blonde

A quick office poll confirmed that Tyra’s new ‘do verged on grey, not blonde. Step away from the bottle honey.

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