Office gossip: sleeping in with cupcakes on the mind

Office gossip: sleeping in with cupcakes on the mind

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that here at the bh office we change our minds as often as we change our lipgloss. That’s all part of the fun.
But just what you’ll catch us cooing over when you walk through the door is anyone’s guess. Dark chocolate and espresso? Handmade soap? Mildura mandarins? Vintage convertibles? Come and join the debate. 



We’ve celebrated with candles and cake twice in the last week at bh and we like it. Vanilla with pink icing or double chocolate? How about both? We can share if you like…  

Sleeping Beauty

With sleeping on the brain this week we’ve reverted to childhood and that bedtime classic Sleeping Beauty. We’d forgotten all about feisty little fairy Merryweather and the pink/blue frock fight she has with Flora. Too, too cute!


Join us in wishing Nutrimetics a very happy birthday in the year of its big four-O! That’s four decades of house calls and Australian beauty innovations. What’s not to like? Hope they’re having cupcakes!

Gradual tanning

Farewell lily-white limbs. No need to bust out the big guns just yet or dial up a spray tan, we’re happy to start slow with a few nightly applications of Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion


Windy weather

Brrr. Chilly westerlies mean it’s either a schoolgirl bun or a fright wig whenever we step outside. Time to bust out the beret or try an Hermes headscarf tied under the chin like the Queen. 


When you’ve been wearing tights so long you oscillate between booking a half-leg wax and picking up a razor. At least we can keep exfoliating and moisturising like crazy as we ponder.

Disappearing tights

On the subject of tights, what really gets our goat is the way they disappear into thin air. You wear them once and then bam, they’re gone, never to be seen again. Funny how you can always find old ones with a ladder big enough to clean the Empire State Building.

Missing transport

The only thing more annoying that heading out into the cold? Heading out into the cold and being stood up by a taxi. Repeat after us taxi drivers of the world: “We will never, repeat never, stand up ladies in the cold. It’s not very polite.”

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