New year, hot new you…continued

New year, hot new you…continued

The skinny on slimming

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It’s the same with fitness fads, says Rob Devereux, Chief of Training at V Club in Sydney. It’s easy to be drawn in by TV informercials, but “there is no magic pill or machine that will transform you,” he highlights.

“Getting fit and losing weight is simple, but it’s not easy. In other words, the solution is accessible by everyone, but it is the lack of perseverance that makes results hard to come by for many.”

January resolutions are one thing, but we all know year-long motivation needs more than good intentions. Devereux offers these pointers for perseverance:

Choose an activity you enjoy and are likely to continue. “Or, if you really are an exercise-phobe, find the lesser of many evils!”
•  Disappointment is demotivating. Be realistic about the time you have to commit and when to expect results.
•  Don’t go it alone. “If you’re a beginner or haven’t exercised in years, employ a personal trainer to get you started and set out a road map. For more experienced exercisers trying to get back on the wagon, a training partner will help keep you honest and motivated.”
•  Avoid burn out. “Don’t let a competitive streak push you into overdrive… burn out and injury would be a huge setback.”

Move it!


“The easiest and most practical option is walking or jogging as it requires minimal preparation and the intensity can be adjusted to your fitness level,” recommends Devereux. For fitness and fat loss, work to the point where you’re breathing deeply and would struggle to speak a full sentence without catching your breath. Shoot for 30 minutes on as many days of week as possible.

Tone up

“Muscle-toning exercises can be performed immediately after cardio as your muscles will be warm and ready for extra stimulation,” says Devereux. “Then, a five-minute walk to loosen up your muscles [after toning] is a great way to complete your workout.” These three simple moves can tighten bodies of all fitness levels:

The move: body squat

Targets: legs and bums
Reps: Two to three sets of 12-15, with each squat taking five seconds
How to: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, shoulders back and head level. “Think about sitting back into a chair behind you,” Devereux directs. “As you ‘sit’, allow your body to lean forward. Stop before your hips lower to knee level and then reverse direction, coming back to standing position.”

The move: triceps dip

Targets: backs of arms, shoulders and chest muscles
Reps: Two to three sets of 12-15, with each dip taking five seconds
How to: “Sit on the edge of a coffee table or park bench with the heels of your hands on the surface either side of your hips, fingers pointing forward, elbows pointing backward. Your knees should be bent to 90 degrees with your feet flat on the floor directly beneath your knees,” Devereux says. “Keeping your arms straight, scoot your hips just off the edge. From here, bend your elbows, dropping down so your back passes very close to the table edge. Stop before your shoulders reach elbow level and return to the starting position.”

The move: basic crunch

Targets: abs and mid section
Reps: Two to three sets of 12-15, with each crunch taking five seconds
How to: “Lay on the floor with your knees bent to 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the front of your thighs and slowly lift your head and shoulders as you slide your hands toward your knees,” details Devereux. “Don’t worry if you cannot lift your shoulders very far – you are still working your abdominal muscles with a small range of motion. Lower yourself slowly back to the floor to complete one repetition.”

Transformations don’t happen overnight, but with guidance and determination, they can last a lifetime. Devereux says: “Consistent and persistent exercise should put years onto your life, life into your years and keep you moving along the path to a whole new you!”

Visit V Club: 48 Druitt Street, Sydney, 02 8088 8888

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