The results are in: this is Australia’s most popular diet


If it seems like everyone from your mum to your bestie’s brother’s work wife are talking about going keto, well… it’s because they kinda are. The high-protein low-carb diet is officially the most popular in Australia, racking up around 115,000 Google searches each month.

The news comes after the team at UK-based Supplement Palace analysed data from around the world to determine which eating regimes had experienced the biggest online growth so far in 2020.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers), known for emphasising the importance of portion control, came in a close second. While intermittent fasting, which involves consuming all your meals during an 8-hour window, took out third place.

Source:  Supplement Palace

The Slimming World diet (which has a focus on low-fat foods) and the Dukan diet (an alternative high-protein, low-carb option) rounded out the top five.

As for the plans that have taken a plunge in the polls? The Eat-Clean diet (which promises 1.3kg of weight loss per week), cookie diet (which centres around meal replacement treats) and Kimkins diet (known to be dangerously low in calories, fat, fibre and carbs.)

These results suggest there’s been a huge shift in how consumers view weight loss fads and quick fixes. As a community, we’re moving towards making healthier and more sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.

“The best advice for people wanting to lose weight is not to start restrictive diets or get sucked into the fads we’re bombarded with online and are sometimes impossible to avoid!” nutritionist Jessica Shand told the publication.

“Instead, my advice would be to set clear and realistic intentions on what it is you want to achieve long term and that you will be able to enjoy (nobody wants something they dread doing, it’s no way to live!)”

She added that getting proper sleep and prioritising regular exercise is just as important as what we’re chowing down on.

“Seek help and advice from qualified experts in nutrition and wellness and don’t go to social media influencers for advice when it comes to your health,” she continued. “Good, well-balanced and wholesome nutrition, proper sleep and regular exercise work together to deliver long-lasting results. That will not only help you reach your goals but most importantly will help you feel your best and help you to thrive!”

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  1. There’s a world of difference between the most popular & the best as recommended by doctors. I know I lose weight if I up my protein, but I’m not game to go full keto. I like intermittent fasting because it helps with weight & is also linked to improved health on many levels, including increased longevity.

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