The most Googled sex position in Australia

The most Googled sex position in Australia

We’re pretty lucky to live in a sexually liberated country. Love is love after all, and so it makes sense that pleasure shall be pleasure, whether you’re all about solo sex toys or finding the best sex position for you and a partner.

And according to new research released by lingerie brand Pour Moi, Australia is actually the fourth ‘sexiest’ country in the world, based on the amount of sex-related Google searches we conduct. Saucy.

The report reveals a fair bit about our sexual online voyages, including our top searched ‘kinks’ (FYI they’re BDSM, voyeurism and threesomes), as well as our most searched for sex toys (fleshlights, dildos and vibrators). 

One of the most fascinating stats we found, however, referred to the sex positions we’re most likely to whack into the search bar. Our top move of choice? ‘Doggy style’, apparently. Followed by ‘reverse cowgirl’ and ‘missionary’ (traditional, but effective).

This leaves only one question… Who beat us out for world’s sexiest country?

The data crowns Portugal as number one, followed by the United Kingdom in second place and Ireland in third. Our neigbours New Zealand didn’t crack the top five, coming in at ninth, but considering they’ve barely had a lockdown all year, we’re putting this down to real life sexual experiences over virtual ones.

Looking for some bedroom heroes? Here’s some of our favourites:

Are you surprised by the stats in this report?

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  1. This thing google is a joke. I stopped using it since 2019. Those who stopped using it, they know why. Do people really use search engines for things like this? omg I am ancient….

  2. I assumed it was curious kids and teenagers Googling it.
    Remember when we were little and we’d look up ‘Sex’ in the dictionary and have a giggle? This is probably the equivalent of that…just with more graphic results.

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