This month mishmashmama opens up about her early addiction to all things pretty, why you won’t catch her doing an Oompa Loompa with self-tan, and the easiest beauty trick around.

Do your thing mishmashmama.

The moment I realised I was a beauty addict was…

I was probably too young to realise it at the time but there’s photographic proof of my addiction from a very early age. At my aunt’s wedding, three-year-old me tagged along to my nan’s where all the beauty prep was being done. My mum was in the bridal party and in the photos I’m surrounded by taffeta, lace and mountains of shoes looking like the cat that got the cream. Of course, in all of the excitement nobody was watching me particularly closely and I found a beauty case practically exploding with all manner of lovely things. I did what any self-respecting budding bh-er would do and dove in head first. The next series of photos shows me covered head to toe in every colour of the rainbow.

The beauty trend that I just don’t get is…

The orange, fake tan look. I’m all for a natural-looking glow, but when you could pass for one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, you’ve gone too far. Oh, and the make-up as a mask trend that’s sweeping the nation. I’ve noticed more and more young girls (and some not-so-young ones) who seem to have picked their foundation on the basis of what colour they wish they were. Not what colour actually suits them.

The best beauty tip I’ve ever heard is…

Smile. It’s the most effective beauty accessory you’ve got. It’s cheap, doesn’t take up any room in your bag and everyone’s got one!

The best product that I’ve ever reviewed on beautyheaven is & why…

ELES Mineral Makeup Liptox in Sheer. I’m addicted to lip gloss, but I’d happily throw out every other lip product I own if I could keep this one. This stuff is amazing, it lasts forever, smells great and I swear I can feel it doing its plumping work!

The best thing about getting to review products on the site is…

I like reviewing products because it reminds me why I love a certain one or why I didn’t buy it again. I won’t just keep buying a certain mascara because that’s the one I always use. If it’s not doing it’s job, I’ll try something new. I’m more likely to try a product if it has positive feedback on bh. Since the members are fellow beauty addicts, I’m more confident in testing products if they’re saying, “you HAVE to try this!” Thanks to them, I’ve tried so many products that I wouldn’t have been game to use otherwise.

What do you keep on your bedside table?

Water. I don’t always get around to drinking my eight glasses during the day so I make sure I always have a drink bottle beside the bed. That drink bottle sits alongside my collection of hand creams, nail polishes and lip balms, but I can’t begin to explain why I need so many of those.

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