Miranda Kerr Officially Has Her Own Wellness Scholarship – Here’s Everything We Know

Miranda Kerr Officially Has Her Own Wellness Scholarship – Here’s Everything We Know

Miranda Kerr is adding yet another byline to her already impressive resume. The Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) has officially awarded the model her own wellness and nutrition scholarship: The Miranda Kerr IIN Scholarship, a course which qualifies wellness-enthusiasts to join the industry Miranda has been involved in since launching her globally successful skin care company.

After becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach herself in 2010, Miranda is now helping to pass the baton of knowledge on. “I feel like creating the scholarship program is such a wonderful way to share with those who may not necessarily have been able to afford it otherwise,” she told Well + Good.

So, what exactly do you get? Well, for three lucky applicants the scholarship will cover the course’s full tuition, while a further 50 applicants will receive 40 per cent off their tuition fees.

Who is a good candidate for The Miranda Kerr IIN Scholarship?

According to IIN, “The Miranda Kerr Scholarship is seeking people with an interest in healing themselves and bettering the wellness of others, has an appetite for learning, and a drive to make a difference.”

Reflecting on her experience, Miranda said “[it] was just a really fun course to do because it really takes a unique approach to health and wellness. It explains that all of [health] is interconnected, a 360 degree view of looking after yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. It helps you find out what works for you as an individual because we are so different.” 

When do applications open?

Great question; applications are open now until the 15th of April, with winners to be announced on the 20th.

How do you apply?

IIN are requesting a two minute video on who you are and why you deserve the scholarship. How creative can you get in 120 seconds?

For more details on how to apply and where to register for a sample class, hit this link.

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What do you think of this scholarship? Are you interested in applying?

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  1. Not interested, it seems a bit vague – ‘wellness and nutrition’, If I was going to study it would be something more specific. I guess if you were interested in finding out more it you could click on the link.

  2. I could totally be a wellness and health coach, but not sure that they want an old bag like me in the program, I would be more interested in using nutrition to manage cholesterol and diabetes, and obesity, more of the basic everyday stuff that ordinary people could apply.

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