Melissa Leong Shares 8 Self-Care Hacks To Prioritise In 2022

Melissa Leong Shares 8 Self-Care Hacks To Prioritise In 2022

If there’s one thing we can rely on Melissa Leong for, it’s beauty inspiration. Melissa’s skin care routine kept us glowing throughout 2021, and her confetti-speckled eyeshadow made us feel inspired to try some fun makeup of our own. And now, as we kick off 2022, the Masterchef judge has shared even more wisdom,  this time in the form of eight self-care habits she plans on making a priority this year.

In a caption that accompanied a bare-faced Instagram selfie, Melissa shared: “I’m not a new year’s resolution person, but like most people, my stress is through the roof and my body is paying for it.” 

To help her build rejuvenating and, most importantly, achievable wellness resolutions for 2022, Melissa enlisted the help of naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and overall wellness experts @portelliotwellness and @komyunitiwellness.

These habits Melissa listed include: 

  1. Two minutes of hummingbird breathing exercises as soon as I wake up.

    For anyone who isn’t familiar with this yoga breathing technique, it is essentially exactly as it sounds. By inhaling slowly and creating vibrations that resemble the sound of a buzzing bee you will produce nitric oxide which helps to calm an anxious mind, boost immunity, regulate hormones and even reduce blood pressure.

  2. Warm oil self-massage with black sesame before shower (two minutes on work days, longer when I can).

    bh recommends: Neutrogena Body Oil (Sesame Formula) ($11.95 at Chemist Warehouse)
  1. Use a tongue scraper (gross but good)

  2. Coffee after food

  3. Sip on warm water during the day

  4. Take prescribed supplements daily, even if they taste [like crap]

    bh recommends Kynd’s Rest, Restore+ Immunity ($19.95, Chemist Warehouse) as an all-in-one to boost your immune system, improve sleep and relieve the severity of cold or flu symptoms. 
  1. Have a chill wind down routine before bed involving no screens. I like to stretch and a bush chai by @kungkascancook with oat milk and maple syrup.

  2. Prioritise sleep

And because she thinks of everything, Melissa finished her list off with this caveat: “This is what is recommended to me by professionals. Please seek expert advice particular to you!”

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Do you have any other wellness hacks that you include in your routine?

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  1. my life changed for the better when I took sleep more seriously, I have a set bedtime now and stick to it with only the rare exception of events that go later etc. – my mental and physical health is a lot better for it.

  2. I used to have warm water with lemon juice daily but never saw any benefit so don’t bother anymore.
    I take a multivitamin and try and go for a long fast walk everyday if I can.

  3. I start the day with Metamucil, 1 tsp of inulin powder & 1 tsp of wheatgrass, & the same before bed, without the wheatgrass. I also like matcha in the morning & a daily serving of chia seeds added to yoghurt or soup.

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