To luxe or not to luxe?

To luxe or not to luxe?

That is the question. Or at least it was last Saturday when I caught up with my girlfriends.

As we chatted about the latest beauty buys we landed on the topic of luxury. You may envisage it was just your standard, run of the mill lusting over ubër expensive products as we sipped our glasses of ‘sav blanc, but I for one was shocked to discover my friends’ diverse opinions when it came to the L-word.

Some swore blind that even if they traded places with Kristy Hinze (not that anyone was too thrilled about the prospect of taking on Jim), they could never justify spending over $100 on one single skincare item, let alone five times that. Whilst others entertained with tales of their weekly saga that involved hiding indulgent treats from partners or housemates. Seriously, even the SAS would be proud of these girls’ craftiness.

So me being, well the Carrie of the group – always looking for answers (and totally obsessed with SATC right now) – decided that like many problems in life, luxe comes down to the simple matter of whether you’re a Big or Aidan girl.

Stick with me. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. See to me Aidan is down-to-earth, consistent and far from showy. He’s your everyday inexpensive brand, reliable – because you know what you’re getting – and therefore, won’t disappoint.

Big, on the other hand, is slick, sophisticated and flashy. He’s your splurge-when-you-know-you-shouldn’t product that you can’t help but fall head over heels in love with – despite the fact it can never be yours forever.

So which do you choose? Because the thing is, if you let Big (a.k.a luxe) into your life, Aidan won’t ever come up to scratch. So is Big worth it? Absolutely!

Doesn’t everyone deserve a little bit of luxe in their life?

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