loyalty status

loyalty status

Loyalty Status

Get involved and win beauty booty

When you’re a beautyheaven member, you’re an insider. You’re on the VIP list and connected to an ever-expanding community of like-minded souls. So, whenever you’re signed in, you can share news and advice, rate and review products, chat in the forums, trade tricks and comment on articles – and the beauty of it is that the more you get involved, the more loyalty points you get. Even better, those points equal glamorous goodies.

Make it to Purple status and you get a pretty little product worth $20. Reach Turquoise and we’ll send you a collection of cult and covetable products to the value of at least $50.

How to boost your loyalty status

  • Review a product listed in beautyheaven – 3 points
  • Comment on an article – 1 point
  • Send an article or product to a friend – 2 points
  • Post a new thread in the forums – 2 points
  • Post a reply to a thread in the forums – 1 point


  • Product reviews are only published if they’re useful to other Bh members and only published reviews earn points. Check out some pointers on making your reviews helpful.
  • To reach Purple status and your first prize, you have to participate in at least three different activities (eg. forum posts, product reviews and comments on articles).
  • To achieve top Turquoise status and claim your deluxe beauty collection, you need to participate in at least five different activities (eg. forum posts, product reviews, comments on articles, forum threads, sending articles to friends).
  • You can only rack up a maximum of 49 points in the forums.
  • Obviously, to receive your loyalty rewards, you’ll need to be loyal to the site. So you’ll need to still be an activated member of the site (still registered to receive Heaven Sent newsletters) when we come to send your gift.
  • Being that this a loyalty programme intended to reward and recognise the members who make valuable contributions to our site and community, beautyheaven reserves the right to exerise discretion and not offer any loyalty gifts to members not using the site in the spirit in which it was created (eg. racking up points with unhelpful posts/ nonsense comments, achieving purple and/or turquoise status within minutes of signing up). 

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