Read my lips: What does your pout say about you?


Can you really know what a person is like based on their lip print? Jilly Eddy, founder of, says yes! From the shape of your Cupid’s bow to the creases and colour intensity of your pout, it turns out your lips can say something about your character, relationships and major events in your life.

We sent off our own pouts to the lip print expert to see what she could tell us about ourselves. And since yesterday was Bright Pink Lipstick Day, we’re going to share the secrets we’ve been hiding in our lips…


The fullness and shape of Sam’s thin upper lip means she’s very picky. She’s “well organised, has great attention to detail and is able to do things as perfectly as possible”, explains Jilly. “She’s good at figuring out new, better and more efficient ways at doing things. She also likes to think outside the box.”

Her full lower lip says “she is very socially oriented and generous with others.” She should work with children or animals because they adore her! “On another note, it says she could be a writer, speaker or entertainer.”

Even though the spacing in the corners of her mouth is average and suggests “she is not too wild or crazy”, she definitely enjoys herself! “She’ll jump into anything,” says Jilly.


“When the ‘hug pucker’ shows up inside the body of the upper lip, it says she can be moody: openly affectionate one minute and then wants to be left alone the next,” explains Jilly. But this just means Carli sometimes “needs her own space.” For recessive hug puckers like Carli, communication is important.

The white dots or small lines on Carli’s lower lip signify seeds of change. “There is something she is doing, or will be doing that will help lots of people in a very positive way.”

Her down and closed corners suggest “she may have been sad or upset about something when she made her lip prints,” says Jilly. But her circumstances may change very soon.


No Cupid’s Bow means “she does not like to be told what to do. This mark tells me that if I need her help, the best thing for me to do is ask her, and if she agrees, give her a deadline then leave her alone. She is quite capable of figuring out the best way to accomplish the task,” says Jilly.

“The energy lines, which are the dark upper and lower outlined edges, are called ‘Ms Stretch Marks’”, says Jilly. “She is putting lots of energy into whatever she is going. She is very busy doing things that others are aware of (dark line upper lip), and she is also busy doing things others are not aware of (dark line lower lip).”

The diamond shape of her lips means that like the jewel, she shines. “She is very successful, competent and accomplished. Whether at home or work, she takes great pride in doing whatever she does well,” explains Jilly.


The colour intensity of Rosie’s dark upper and lower lips means she “has lots of energy and others know it. Once she decides what she wants to do, there should be no reason why she can’t succeed!” Jilly continues: “She has excellent leadership qualities and at some time in her life, she will probably own her own business.”

The starburst on her upper lip means she radiates positive energy wherever she goes, lighting up a room with her presence, personality and smile. She is usually optimistic and upbeat, and “people are attracted to her and happy to see her.”

Her slight Cupid’s bow signifies Rosie is “an excellent negotiator!” She also has the “uncanny ability to have each person she is helping feel she has their best interest at heart.”


Beth’s light upper and lower lip colour intensity reveal “she needs some time to herself, without concern for anyone else’s wants or needs.” Jilly says a relaxing holiday should do the trick!

Her round lips are smooth, “with no rough edges or sharp protrusions, which signifies that she doesn’t like conflict,” says Jilly. “She does not like to argue, and wants everyone to be happy.”

Beth’s V shape corners point to the fact “she needs lots of information to make a decision, especially one that involves a major change.” Her corners are slightly touching just behind the funnels – this indicates “she may be slow to make a decision because she likes to have a plan A, B and even C before she makes up her mind. She appreciates not being rushed.”

How interesting was that? Go on, make your own then!

What does your lip print say about you?

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