Lily Allen launches her own sex toy as she campaigns to normalise female masturbation


In a celebrity collab that is a little outside the beauty realm, Lily Allen has launched her own sex toy with one of the largest sex accessory companies in the world, Womanizer.

The partnership came about naturally after Lily praised a Womanizer product in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly, and now, Lily has designed her own vibrator for the brand.

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The hot pink and orange device named “Liberty” was announced via Lily’s Instagram, with the singer dressed to match.  Her caption read: “Womanizer changed my life, women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality, and we all deserve to own our pleasure. Hopefully this little toy will help you do that!”. 

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As well as the release of her new sex toy, Lily has been appointed the chief liberation officer within the company, kicking off with her first campaign #IMasturbate. The social media initiative aims to encourage women to embrace their sexuality and steer masturbation and female pleasure away from being such a “taboo subject”, clouded with barriers of shame, social stigma and a lack of education.  

 Describing her first time trying sex toys as “groundbreaking”, Lily believes “the only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly and frequently and without shame or guilt”. 

And speak openly she does, telling “we all need to eat, right? We need food in order to sustain ourselves and you don’t think like f**k I have got to wait for my boyfriend to come home so I can eat this salad. You eat the salad. It’s the same with masturbation”. 

Reflecting on her past sexual experiences, Lily hypes up the use of sex toys for women struggling to climax, “I was that woman in my mid-twenties and I just had surrendered to the idea that I wasn’t going to be able to have regular orgasms and there was something wrong with me” she reveals.

The Liberty is now available online, retailing for $149, check it out here

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Do you find female pleasure a taboo topic? What can we do to break those barriers?

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  1. I dont really know if I find it taboo as such. I guess I just dont see the need to discuss it publicly but I dont find the need to discuss many things publicly either and its not because I feel they are taboo but just because for me they are private. I dont discuss with anyone who im voting for, what my bank balance is, etc Its just me…..each to their own.

  2. I really dont know either S-P …. I do know that when I was growing up my parents never discussed financial matters around us kids and it always made me feel uncomfortable when my kids were little and their Dad would start talking money. He never understood why I would always hush him and tell him we would discuss it later. I was always told that it was rude to ask someone how much something cost also. I always feel a little caught off guard when someone will straight out ask me how much a major purchase cost me because I never feel comfortable to do that to others.

  3. Do you find female pleasure a taboo topic? What can we do to break those barriers?
    Nope, there’s already plenty of choice to buy sex toys and there’s been plenty of discussion about FM, especially in magazines.

  4. How cool are the colours. I think it’s becoming more normalised. Gone are the days where you’d have to be mortified to walk into a place like Sexyland and pretend you’re buying for a friend. So I’ve heard lol.

  5. I (unfortunately) still feel like female pleasure is a taboo & that it’s not considered as important, which is all a bunch of BS. We women are sexual beings & deserve pleasure & if no-one’s going to do it for us, then we may as well do it for ourselves. I do think the stigma is breaking down slowly but surely, especially amongst my generation (Y/Millennial) & Gen Z.

    Although this isn’t a topic I’d readily discuss amongst friends (I prefer to keep that sort of stuff private, even though I grew up in a household that did discuss sex at the dinner table), I admire women who can & do talk about this stuff openly & without shame or guilt.

  6. I feel the same, Meedee. Kinda similar to how much money I make. It’s fine, I can talk about it, and I am very willing to talk about it with people whom I need to talk about (e.g. recruiters), but I do not feel the need to talk about it with people who do not need to know.

  7. Exactly skincare junkie. Im amazed at times whith the questions some people will ask. When R passed away I had a male ‘friend’ ask me straight out if R had an insurance policy and did he leave the money from it to me. He didnt have one but if he had and he had left the money to me then im sure the next question would have been ‘how much?” He also asked me if I was still paying a mortgage on my house. I think he might have been trying to work out if I would be a good target for his affections….phft.

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