Leading light

Leading light


By day, the Lipdelight smoothes and softens the lips with a lush cocktail of calendula, avocado, evening primrose and jojoba oils plus shea butter and vital vitamin E. And it’s not short on glamour. With a delicious lychee flavour, the good-for-your-skin gloss comes in six summery shades, from chic pinks to natural nudes and a so-sexy coral.

By night, it also lights up so you can skip the queue for the powder room, touch up in a cab or do your lips in any dark corner (we in Bh have also been known to use the built-in beam to find the keyhole when sneaking in late on a Saturday night, but that’s another story). The Lipdelight has become the mobile phone of make-up – we’d be
back in the Dark Ages without it!

No surprises that this clever little gloss comes from the brains behind Tweezeme, Australia’s first LED-lit tweezer, which illuminates the eye area for pinpoint precision and was highly commended at the 2007 New Woman Beauty Awards.

Need a little light in your life? Everyone does. You’ll find byANGELIQUE products, including the Lipdelight ($26) and Tweezeme ($24.95) at Shaver Shops, pharmacies and salons nationwide. Call 1300 850 823 or visit byangelique.com.au for more details.

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