Kate Hudson has the most genius way of nixing stress


Wanna know how to nip stress in the bud while managing multiple successful careers (acting! Athleisure! Parenting three kiddos!) Ask Kate Hudson: she’s got it all down pat.  In a new Wellness Wednesday series for E! News, the 47-year-old opened up about her self-care routine – specifically, how she talks herself down when she’s feeling wired. “1. I stay mindful about what I eat. The barcode scanner on the WW app [who, btw, Kate is an ambassador for] is one of my favourite features because it helps keep me in check if I need it!” she told the publication.  2. I always move, even if for a few minutes each day. Sometimes I’ll go into a room, turn up the music and just dance. It’s a great way to let loose and feel great.”
@katehudsonKate went on to explain that the mantra ‘what’s on your mind is just as important as what’s on your plate’ reminds her how important it is to keep tabs on your mental health.“3. I make sure to unwind at the end of the day – whether that’s connecting with a group of my girlfriends or meditating to just let it all go. Cultivating a positive mindset is such a crucial part to staying healthy and well.”As for her advice for others feeling thrown off by the pandemic? “My number one tip right now is to rely on others when you need it! I’ve always said that community is essential to wellness that’s why Fabletics is a community, that’s why I’ve partnered with WW, which has an amazing community of members who support each other. Your community—no matter who it is—can help you find balance! Don’t expect yourself to be a super-human! It’s just not possible. Or fun, for that matter!”
@katehudsonWise words, Kate. Main image: GettyWhat’s your favourite self-care practice? 

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  1. Thankfully im naturally a very calm person but if I do find im becoming stressed then the best thing for me is to have some alone time and dive into a book. Removing myself from a situation works wonders.

  2. I know I’m feeling a little disheartened because of this second wave, but believing that “this too shall pass” and with the warmer spring weather on the way, it keeps me hopeful for better days ahead.

  3. I have realised that exercise for me isn’t just physical it’s also for my mental wellbeing. I’m also someone who craves alone time to fill my cup up again. I deplete very easily when I’m just overwhelmed with tasks, noise, crowds, too much news. Due to our pandemic I’ve limited my media watching and social media interactions. I know too well how stress makes you sick as I believe that too much stress in the past has made me unwell.

  4. Keep conquering Seashells x the older I’ve got the more self awareness I have made about myself. Being ill over last few years has made me dig deeper into my wellbeing and I know too much stress is poison.

  5. For me, I’ll do any one of these things: pop on some good music (I have a list of songs in my phone that I’ll play when I’m feeling down or in need of some self-care, but I don’t always go to that list), go for a walk, read, talk about how I’m feeling, do something beauty related like painting my nails or giving myself a facial, take a bath, write in my journal, bake or cook something.

  6. You & I are in the same boat Beauty O. As I’ve got older & come to understand my mental health better, I’ve come to realise that I too get overwhelmed easily by noise, clutter, crowds, the news (that’s a big one for me) etc & that I also need alone time to replenish myself. Stress definitely makes me unwell & puts me out of whack big time, but unfortunately it’s an area I haven’t entirely conquered yet.

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