Instant results

Instant results

Time is precious and you’re busy enough. Why waste a second on complicated skincare rituals when Joey New York has an Instant Results range to solve your beauty dramas in a New York minute? Seriously.

When time is of the essence of a morning, it pays to know how to banish blackheads painlessly, shrink open pores and absorb excess oil. Say hello to Pure Pores Blackhead Remover and Pore Minimiser Gel ($35) and see your skin behave before your green tea has time to infuse.

When your hot date with Mr Right Now is less than a few hours away and you’re feeling the effects of a long day at the keyboard, wouldn’t it be great to give your skin a vitamin and moisture boost that has a freshening and firming lift too? Meet your new best friend, Egg Cream Instant Face Lifting and Contouring Treatment ($68) and enjoy your skin’s toned and tightened appearance.

When you want to be the only object of envy in the room and plump up your pout before drinks with the girls, simply reach for Super Duper Lips Kit ($38) and watch them whisper whether you’ve had work. Cue sideways glances now.

When you want to give the impression of eight-hours sleep instead of thrice-nightly feeds, there’s only one option. Soften wrinkles and send moisture levels soaring with Correct-A-Line for Face ($49.50). Did we mention this speedy gel helps hide pores too? Ahh.

When you’re considering an appointment with, ahem, a certain kind of doctor you want to be sure you’ve tried everything first. Everything by the name of Line Up ($69) that is. Dubbed The best alternative to Botox®, it acts fast to fill in lines around the face, eye and neck. All before you can say wrinkles begone!

Joey New York Instant Results delivers immediate, visible results making it a bathroom essential in any crisis.

Available nationally at Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy and

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Joey New York Correct-A-Line For Face: ”¨“This product is a pleasure to apply: so silky and fragrance free. My favourite thing about this formula is the instant affects on my skin. While it delivered immediate noticeable results, my skin felt subtly firmer and hydrated. Lines and folds seemed to disappear before my eyes. True to its name and my new no 1.” Rating: 5/5 – Tiffanys”¨”¨

Joey New York Pure Pores Blackhead Remover And Pore Minimizer Gel: ”¨“WOW! That is all I can say. In all my years of trying to rid myself of stubborn blackheads and reduce the size of my golf-ball pores I’ve never been as successful as I have with this. I must say, there’s a slight stinging feeling on application as it works its magic and yes, the smell isn’t exactly flowery but these are all things that I’m happy to put up with if it says bye bye to my blackheads for good – and it does! My pores have visibly reduced in size since using, they look clearer and skin on my nose/chin feels much smoother. It’s not something I’d use everyday just as a general top up now that the hard work is over. A great product.” Rating: 5/5 – bh’sSarah

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