How To Wash Your Silk Pillowcase Without Damaging It

How To Wash Your Silk Pillowcase Without Damaging It

If you haven’t been sleeping on a silk pillowcase then it’s time to wake up (from your synthetic fibres) and make the switch. Not only do they feel luxurious to rest your head on every night and provide breathable comfort from season to season, but a good silk pillowcase will also protect the health of your skin and hair.

And while the fabric of our pillowcase is important, there is another factor to consider: how often they’re being washed. As with all delicate items, if you chuck them in with your regular clothes, you can run the risk of causing damage. It’s for this reason that we can put off washing our pillowcases or even avoid purchasing them altogether.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you exactly how to wash and care for your silk, ensuring they remain smooth, silky and shiny.


The good news? If you despise handwashing, you can still pop them into the machine. Check the label for the “momme” rating and if the momme is 20 or over, your silk is regarded as safe to machine wash.

How to machine wash your silk pillowcase

Silk is a delicate fabric, meaning it can be worn out or easily damaged. For this reason, never wash your silk pillowcase on a temperature above 30 degrees. Turn your pillowcase inside out or place it inside a mesh washing bag alongside other silk or delicate items.

It’s also essential to use a silk-specific detergent or any mild washing powder (harsh detergents, fabric softeners or chemicals like bleach will actually harden your silk). Place your cycle onto the shortest spin setting available, and then lay or hang your pillowcase flat and air-dry. It’s important not to place your silk in the dryer or wring it out as it will damage the fabric.

We love the Ecoya’s Wild Sage and Citrus Laundry Liquid ($29.95, Ecoya).

What about for harsher stains or odours?

Unfortunately for the handwash-resistors, you’re going to have to make an exception. Eliminating stubborn marks or odours doesn’t call for a more intense setting on your machine, it actually requires a thorough soak in a bucket. 

To begin, rinse your silk pillowcase in a bucket with a gentle soap and cold water. Follow this step by mixing cold water and roughly half a cup of white or apple cider vinegar. Allow to soak for up to half an hour, thoroughly rinse out and allow to air dry. If this doesn’t work to remove your stain, we recommend taking your pillowcase to the dry cleaner.

See? It’s not that bad. Though your silk pillowcase might require the star treatment, we believe it’s well worth it considering the magic it’s doing for your skin and hair.

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How do you wash your silk pillowcase? Have you ever damaged one?

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  1. I dont have a silk pillow case and therefore dont need to know what to use to wash it or indeed wash a silk pillow case. They do look lovely. Would make a nice gift.

  2. I have had silk pillowcases for a long time now and can’t stand to sleep on anything else. I wash mine in the washing machine but them into a lingerie bag. They still feel great.

  3. I’ve opted for silver grey coloured silk pillowcases this time and I’m finding they don’t show stains as badly as the paler beige cream that i had before (I don’t know how on earth I lost those but they’ve disappeared – and I had three of them!!)

  4. I have several & I wash mine on a cold delicate cycle with some Softlys Delicate Wash detergent. Works well, even though I do have some stains on mine (not that noticeable though due to the bright colour of my pillowcases). Not completely bothered about the stains; I’m the only one who has to look at them.

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