5 Ways to strike up a non-lame convo on Tinder


While getting shutdown on Tinder might not be *as* humiliating as a real-life shutdown, being blatantly ignored (rude), unmatched or responded to with a “nm, u?” can be just as painful/frustrating.Even though we know what a catch we truly are, it can still feel pretty shitty being rejected by a match before we’ve even had a chance to engage in any real back-and-forth flirting.That’s why we’ve come up with five non-lame ways to strike-up a Tinder convo that will guarantee a reply (you’re welcome):Make it personalEmbrace your inner stalker and go deep — read your match’s bio and swipe through their chosen pics for banter intel.Usually you can get an idea of what your match is into (hopefully not gym selfies) and strike up an opener from there. If it’s a topic your match is actually interested in, they’ll be more likely to reply. Plus, your match will see that you’ve taken the time to properly reach out and know you’re genuinely interested. Opener example:“I see you play soccer. I’m going to World Cup party this weekend – tell me something smart I can impress people with”Start a GIF-offThey say a picture is worth a thousand words which means a GIF must be worth a quadrillion. When words fail you, why not send your match a GIF instead? Let’s face it, sometimes, a waving bear/ sassy Rihanna/ creeping Kimmy K says it better than you can.Not convinced? Tinder did the research and it turns out that messages with GIFs in them have a 30 per cent higher response rate than messages without. (I’m sold).Opener example:

Ditch the niceties

FACT: Using ‘Hey’ as an opener is a sure way to let a conversation die before it even begins. Sure it’s polite, but in the sea of inbox messages from other matches your future husband~~ Tinder lover has swiped right to, it can easily get lost.If you’re struggling to find any real convo starters, go for a funny pick-up line instead. The trick is to make sure it’s actually funny and not at all cringe-worthy. In the weird world of online dating, being funny is respected and an easy way to test whether you and your match have a similar sense of humour.Tip: If you’re not that funny, that’s what the Internet is for!Opener example:”So, for our first date, I tried to get us reservations at the library… but they were all booked. “”Do you like Harry Potter because I adumbledore you.”Get trivialAnother way to capture your match’s attention is to intrigue them. Get all *Inception* on them and open with a riddle they simple can’t *not* answer. Once they’ve cracked the code, ask them to send one back and cue: flowing convo. GENIUS.Opener example:There are a dozen eggs in a carton. Twelve people each take a single egg, but there is one egg left in the carton. How?”Ask awayAsk your match a personal question they simply can’t ignore. Either make it funny, or something about one of their profile pics e.g. where their favourite bar was in Madrid while they were there on vacay.People are good at talking about themselves so start there and if he’s worth talking to, he’ll question you back.Opener example:“I’ve got to know – are you someone who claps when the plane lands?”Mathematical guesstimate.Answer: The last person just took the whole carton with the egg still in it.Brought to you by Tinder

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