How-to: eat raw

How-to: eat raw

Did you know? When food is cooked, many of its natural nutrients are destroyed through the heating process. Enter the raw food diet. Also known as the Dukan diet and used as a type of detox diet – eating all-raw is thought to improve general health and wellbeing by increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals received from food. Because raw food isn’t fried in oil or cooked in sugar, it’s also lower in fat, so adopting a raw food diet can also be a great way of losing weight if you’ve got a few extra kilos you need to give the old heave-ho. Raw food advocates include Hollywood hotties Demi Moore and Amanda Seyfried. Want to copy their diet style? Here’s how it’s done…

Start the day with an all-natural fruit and vege juice to kick-start your energy levels. Try experimenting with different combos, such as strawberries, blueberries and banana or orange and grapefruit.

Mid-morning snack
Nibble on some raw unsalted nuts, such as cashews, almonds and walnuts.

Try a mixed leaf salad incorporating lots of dark green leaves and colourful vegetables. Aim to get a full rainbow of nutrients in your lunchtime meal by including tomato, bean shoots, carrots, cucumber, brocolli heads, corn and celery.

Afternoon snack
Munch on a piece of raw fruit such as a fibre-packed apple or an energy-boosting banana or cut up some celery and capsicum sticks and enjoy with homemade hummus dip made from soaked and pureed chickpeas.

Try some sashimi with a side of mixed green beans and alfalfa shoots

Tip: Though it’s not strict practice, if you find raw food flavourless, you can spruce it up by adding some basic low-fat sauces such as adding soy sauce to sashimi and topping salads with olive oil and lemon.

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