How-to: detox safely

How-to: detox safely

There’s a lot of scary hype out there about detox diets. The opponents of detoxing say that it is unsafe and can lead to illness and future weight issues. But as with most things, it’s the extremists that give detoxing a bad name.  
Most people run into trouble trying to do as the celebrities do and exist solely on a diet of lettuce leaves. If you want to detox safely, you need to obey the rules of moderation. Here’s how…

Cut back slowly
If you’re a junk food addict, going cold turkey can be jarring on the body. Like any other addiction, the best way to cure yourself of bad eating habits is to wean yourself off slowly. Cutting back slowly will allow your body to detox itself of toxins naturally and safely. If you change your diet too suddenly, you may experience a rushing of toxins out of the body – which can bring on acne, headaches and feelings of nausea – so don’t try to cure yourself of a lifetime of bad eating overnight. Instead, pledge to swap one junk food fix for a healthier alternative (eg: swap lollies for raw nuts) each day and eliminate bad food from your diet over a period of a couple of weeks.

Avoid going OTT
As with most things, going to the extreme is never recommended. Rather than cutting out all red meat and carbohydrates as many extreme detoxers do, why not try just cutting back a little? Cutting back rather than eliminating whole food groups is a much healthier and safer way to detox. If you take certain food groups out of your diet entirely, you risk missing out on vital nutrients required for the healthy functioning of your body, so make sure your detox plan doesn’t involve eliminating any of the five food groups.

Speak to your GP
If you’re planning on changing your diet or exercise routine in any way, it’s always best to speak to your doctor. Your GP can assess your cholesterol, blood pressure and fitness levels and discuss how to detox in a way that’s right for your body’s needs, that way you can be sure that you are detoxing safely.

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