How-to: cut back on sugar

How-to: cut back on sugar

We don’t need to tell you that sugar is a highly addictive substance. In fact, most of us would struggle to make it through the day without it. Unfortunately, sugar is also extremely high in calories, so it’s one of the worst temptations when we’re trying to stay trim. And, what’s worse, the sweet stuff is also your worst enemy when it comes to premature ageing.

According to scientists, sugar kick-starts a process called glycation, which attacks collagen fibres and reduces skin elasticity. This means that over time, a diet high in sugar can mean a duller, less firm complexion.

Help is at hand, however. We’ve got some tips on how you can keep your sugar addiction in check and get your skin care and health back on track without feeling deprived…

Swap it
Baking with sugar free recipes doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on flavour. Sugar free recipes use a natural, low-calorie sugar alternative, like Stevia, which you can find in the health food section of your supermarket. It will still give your cakes and cookies the same delicious sweet taste but for only a fraction of the calories, so you can enjoy your cake, guilt-free!

Go low sugar
Being addicted to sugar is much like any other addiction – the more you have of it, the more you seem to require. Adding spoon after spoon of sugar to your coffee and your cereal can desensitise your tastebuds over time, so try slowly cutting back. Be patient, your tastebuds take two weeks to renew themselves, but once that happens, you’ll be able to taste more subtle flavours again, which means going low sugar will be easier.

Get it naturally
Get your sweet fix through natural sugar by eating fresh fruit. Unlike refined white sugar, the natural sugar that occurs in fruit is low GI, which means it will help to maintain your energy levels, rather than zap them. It’s also more readily burned up through daily activity so it’s much less likely to end up being stored on your hips like that Mars Bar.

What are your tips for swapping out sugar?

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