Change your body shape

Change your body shape

Want abs like Beyoncé, a booty like Kim Kardashian and legs like Miranda Kerr? Well, we might not be able to promise you’ll get all these things – but we do know how you can get started on the right path: F45 training – an exercise trend that has popped up all across Australia.

Loved by the likes of Nicole Richie, Ricky Martin and Joel Madden, F45 is a group-based training that focuses on the principles of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. All work-outs are 45 minutes in length and work to help people lose weight, get fit, and get strong. We’ll take all three, thanks!

To find out more about this growing fitness trend and how it can change your body shape, beautyheaven sat down with director and head trainer at the F45 Crows Nest gym Jacqueline Karim.

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What does a basic F45 program look like?

Depending on whether it’s a cardio or resistance day, a typical program will be a mix of body weight exercises and equipment programmed to give you an all-over body workout.

Are most of the programs the same?

No, we have hundreds of exercises that we use in our programs and each day you walk into a different gym set up with a different set of exercises to those you did the week before. This helps keep everyone on their toes, no-one can become too complacent with the programs. No two days are ever the same.

Does F45 help people lose weight, get fit, and get strong?

F45 assists in all of the above. It helps you burn fat, get fitter and definitely become stronger. The mix of cardio and resistance weight-based training is the perfect way to maximise your metabolic rate, helping you to reduce your fat and build your muscle. Like anything, the more dedicated you are the quicker you will see the results – but we generally say that within six weeks, you will notice a change in your body.

Do people’s body shapes change from doing F45 training?

Yes, they do. People tend to lose weight and gain definition. 

What is the biggest benefit of F45 training?

It’s fun, fast and effective. You are in a group environment, which keeps you motivated and enthusiastic, you are in and out within 45 minutes, and you are training your muscles in the most effective way to see maximum results.

Why is F45 training proving to be so popular?

It’s an all over body work-out that most people can jump right into straight away, everyone can do the same exercise at their own pace or weight. We are time-based not rep-based, which means you work to your maximum not somebody else’s and you can be done and dusted within 45 minutes.

Where do you see F45 training headed?  

F45 Training is the way of the future. In the age of time-poor workaholics, F45 ensures you get an effective workout without having to spend hours in the gym. The fact that it’s fun, constantly changing, and you are always motivated by your trainers is an added bonus.

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