Hypoxi Review: Does the fat burning treatment really work?

Hypoxi Review: Does the fat burning treatment really work?

Every bride-to-be wants to look good on her wedding day. Really good. And while a lot of this has to do with hair styling, makeup and a show-stopping dress, it also has to do with one’s body. If a bride doesn’t feel good in her skin, it’s safe to say she won’t be completely at ease on her big day.

Two months ago, bh’s Bree was in this exact situation. Her big day was looming, and despite eating healthily and exercising regularly in the lead up to her wedding, she still had a few kilos to shift. So, she decided to try Hypoxi, a weight loss machine that stimulates blood flow to a specific region of the body to accelerate the rate fatty acids are metabolised in that area.

Now, we’ve all heard of Hypoxi, but did it actually change her body? Did bh’s Bree lose weight in time for her wedding? We sat down with the newlywed to discover whether it’s just a fad or if the program truly was a worthwhile investment…

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Why did you decide to try Hypoxi prior to your wedding?

It all came down to my dream dress. The one I so desperately wanted was tight over my stomach and hip area. I’ve tried many different diets and weight loss systems over the years, but instead of losing weight from my lower half – my troublesome area – it always came off my face and breast area. I needed to target my weight loss to my lower body so I could fit properly into my dress. A client of mine had amazing results with Hypoxi, so I decided to give it a go.

Talk me through your first Hypoxi session…

During the first 30 minutes, I was asked a whole heap of questions on my current diet and exercise regimen, as well as my general health and stress levels, and I was measured from head to toe. They also tested my skin’s elasticity and texture, which determined the state of my cellulite. I then spent 30 minutes on the actual Hypoxi machine. In all honesty, I was blown away by how thorough that first consultation was, as it allowed them to tailor my session to treat specific concerns and problem areas.

How often did you visit a Hypoxi studio to complete the 30-minute sessions?

I did a course of 12 sessions – three a week over four weeks, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. After each of these sessions, I wasn’t allowed to eat carbohydrates for four to six hours or engage in any exercise. During this 12-week period, I also exercised twice week outside of my Hypoxi session days to help further encourage weight loss.

Let’s chat about the Hypoxi sessions. What actually happens in one?

Upon arrival, you slip into an airtight suit made of wetsuit-like material, which is airtight and sits just under your breasts and all the way down to your hips. There is also a hoop-like structure attached to the suit at around hip-level, which is what clips you into the airtight capsule that is the Hypoxi machine. I used the L250 Trainer on all my visits. You lie on your back while clipped into the machine, and use the bike pedals at the base to pedal vigorously for 30 minutes. There’s also a heart rate monitor attached to the suit that ensures your heart rate stays at a certain level, which has been calculated to ensure optimal fat loss. It’s not a hard workout, but you will sweat. You can even watch DVDs or read magazines while you’re strapped in. I actually found the sessions quite relaxing – it gave me a chance to chill out and gather my thoughts in the lead-up to my big day.

How long did it take for you to notice your body was changing?

I noticed a real difference after two weeks. My jeans were a lot looser around my hips and thighs, and I felt much lighter and less bloated around my tummy area.

What results did you see – and feel – at the end of your 12 sessions?

I was so thrilled to find I had lost centimeters from all over my body, except for my breasts. However, the real defining moment was during my final dress fitting. It had to be taken in 10cm around my waist, and 20cm around my hips. My love handles were complete gone! My dream was to look fantastic on my wedding day, but I never dreamed my dress would have to be altered in such a dramatic way. Size wise, I went from a size 14 to a size 10. I began my Hypoxi program eight weeks before my wedding, so if I had continued with the sessions after the four weeks, my dress would have fallen off me on my big day!

How much do the Hypoxi sessions cost?

12 sessions are $690, and it is recommended you attend this many sessions for optimal weight loss results.

Do you see Hypoxi as value for money?

When it comes to looking good for a major event like your wedding, I definitely think it’s good value. I would have done anything – paid anything – to look fantastic on that day. I probably spend $100 on things each week that are bad for me or don’t benefit me that greatly, so why wouldn’t I spend my money on something that is really beneficial? It’s a great investment for your self-esteem and health.

Are the weight loss results from Hypoxi long-lasting?

Like all weight loss, if you go back to eating unhealthy and not exercising the weight will come back on. Because I saw such great results, I found I was encouraged to keep eating in a healthy manner and exercising regularly. I felt better and I looked better, so now I want to keep my body that way.

Who do you think Hypoxi is best suited for?

Anyone struggling with targeted weight loss, really, or those who have injuries, and cannot hit the pavement to achieve weight loss. It’s also great for anyone who has a focus on healthy living and exercise, but isn’t getting results in some body areas. Brides are also perfectly suited to Hypoxi, as the lead up to a wedding is the perfect time for completing the program. It’s structured, it’s targeted, and it allows you to chill out a bit. When you’re losing the weight you want to see disappear, you can essentially tick off that box on your super-long to-do list

Finally, how did you feel on your wedding day?

On my big day, and those final few weeks in the lead up to my wedding, I felt the best I ever had before. I felt happy and confident in my own skin, and without sounding too vain, I wasn’t self-conscious, which made my day that little bit more special. The wedding photos also turned out great!

Have you heard of Hypoxi? Is it something you’d like to try to help you achieve your weight loss goal? Are you impressed with Bree’s results?

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