Heidi Klum and eldest daughter Leni star in shared Vogue cover


Being the daughter of one of the world’s biggest supermodels would have to come with its highs and lows. Landing the cover of Vogue at 16-years-old alongside your mum, however, is undoubtedly a major high. 

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Following in the footsteps of her incredibly successful mum Heidi Klum, (whose legs alone are insured for a cool $2 mil) Helene Boshoven Samuel, otherwise known as ‘Leni’, is pursuing a modelling career of her own.

But despite looking strikingly similar to Heidi on the January cover of German Vogue—both dressed in complementing bold, colour-blocked suits with long, blonde tresses to match—Heidi explains that there should be no comparisons made between the two.

Image credit: @heidklum

“I’m so proud of you, and not because you chose this path. I know that no matter which way you go, it will be your own” the 47-year-old shared to Instagram.

“You always know exactly what you want and what you don’t want. You are not a mini-me. And I’m happy for you that you can now show who YOU are” she added.

However, Heidi does have just one thing she’d like Leni to adopt and that is “never do something you don’t want to do and always listen to your gut instinct”.

Image credit: @voguegermany

Concluding her proud-mum-moment, Heidi finished with “I am sure that an exciting time is waiting for you. Vogue is the best way to start the career you dream of. And even if it is a little difficult for me to let go of you into this world, I will always do everything so that you are happy and that your dreams come true. I am proud to be your mom!”

To read the rest of Heidi Klum’s heartfelt message to her eldest daughter Leni, find it here.

Main image credit: @heidiklum

What do you think about this Vogue cover? Do you think Heidi and Leni look similar?

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