27 healthy recipes to kickstart a new you

27 healthy recipes to kickstart a new you

To maintain a healthy diet (like, forever), you’re going to need a lot of recipes in your arsenal. If your body and mind is preoccupied with exciting new meals and flavours, you’re less likely to reach for the takeout menu. Plus, eating the same salad every day is probably the fastest way to lose motivation, so keep things exciting by trying out these tasty and low-calorie meals and treats.

Chickpea, zucchini and mint salad

This nutrient-packed salad will keep you satisfied from lunch to dinner.

Skinny caesar salad

A healthy alternative that tastes as good as the traditional version.

Vegan overnight blueberry oats

A nutritious breakfast you can easily prepare the night before.

Low-carb turkey meatballs

Meatballs that are low-GI? It’s possible!

Homemade sushi

Make a batch of these on Sunday for an easy take-to-work lunch. For even healthier rolls, swap regular rice for brown.

Healthy fruit balls

These will be the antidote for your snack attacks.

Immune-boosting broth

Stay nourished and glowing in the cooler months with this flavoursome broth.

Vegan banana breakfast muffins

Start your day right with these sweet but totally guilt-free treats.

Gluten-free zucchini fritters

Get your veggie hit without the wheat with these fritters. We’ve fallen for them – hard!

Eggplant and green bean curry

Try this the next time you’re craving Indian.

Grilled fish with lemon and herb potato salad

This dish takes only half an hour to make and is straight from the Weight Watchers 2015 program, so you can be confident it’s super healthy.

Coconut and carrot soup

Tasty, light and loaded with nutrients – this soup is a winter winner.

Quinoa slice

This slice is a delicious mix between a crust-less quiche and a frittata.

Persimmon and prawn rice paper rolls

These rolls make the perfect canape for dinner parties.

Flavoursome fattoush salad

A simple salad that’s surprisingly packed with flavour.

Poached chicken sandwich with salad, hummus and a yoghurt dill dressing

Health and fitness expert Joanna McMillan shares her healthy sandwich recipe with us – and it’s beyond.

Holy Grail fried chicken

Yes, you read right, fried chicken! Minus the guilt.

Super simple beef stir-fry

Flavoursome, healthy, and quick to whip up, this recipe includes a tasty sauce to use with your choice of meat (or no meat at all!).

Salmon with papaya salsa

This recipe is bursting with flavour and takes hardly any time to prepare.

Peanut butter and sour cherry truffles

This nutritionist’s recipe will impress the clean eaters and the foodies.

Clean eating watermelon cake

So healthy and so impressive.

Quinoa, beetroot and broccoli salad

Created by the team at Eat Fit Food, this healthy salad ticks off the flavour, antioxidants and superfoods boxes.

Delicious cauliflower mash

Forget potato – make mash with cauliflower instead.

Sweet and salty kale chips

Kale is low in calories and has zero fat, making these the perfect snack.

Sweet potato and vegetable fritters

Full of veggies, these fritters are easy (and affordable) to make.

Peanut butter snack bars

These are the healthy, adult versions of LCMs! They may taste naughty, but they’re far from it.

Coconut and lime chicken bites

Whip these up for a deliciously healthy twist on chicken nuggets.

What’s your favourite healthy meal to make?

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