Harmony My Beauty Trial Team

Harmony My Beauty Trial Team


50 women seeking improved skin, nail and hair texture and strength.

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Harmony My Beauty


We say:

Harmony develops products containing herbs, vitamins and minerals designed specifically for women, to help restore and support health, as well as empower through every phase of their lives.

Harmony’s latest product, My Beauty, is a premium complex formulation specifically designed to promote radiant and glowing skin from within, by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Consumers should expect improved skin texture, protection against the effects of UV damage as well as improved gut bacteria as a result of the natural prebiotic fibres.

Based on first impressions, the packaging of Harmony My Beauty had members excited to keep the container out on display, due to the visually appealing design, which consisted of pink tones and a gold lid. For those who weren’t keeping their product on the kitchen shelf, they were pleased with the lightweight nature of the container as it was easy to transport to and from work.

Several members saw a noticeable difference in their skin texture, elasticity and hydration as it was revealed longstanding and stubborn dry patches were disappearing. While some members found the smell and taste of the product hard to get used to, they explained how this problem was quickly eradicated when mixed in with another flavour i.e. a smoothie, yoghurt or coffee.

Amongst the majority of members, the first indicator of the effectiveness of the product was an increase in nail strength and hair growth, with one member revealing she had new baby hairs sprouting as a result.

And while some members don’t tend to favour products that require the discipline of consumption every day to see results, they did admit this product was an exception due to its ease of incorporating it into their current breakfast, snack or beverage intake.

Members were interested in repurchasing the product after the trial to continue their quest to hydrated, plumper skin, as well as promoting hair and nail growth.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Harmony for the purpose of trial and review.

All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“I love taking it every morning, leaving me feeling refreshed, nourished and ready for the day. I take 1 teaspoon daily and mix it with water, leaving it with 0 taste and easy to drink!! Sometimes I even take it in my smoothies!” – kbutcher1991,read more reviews here…

“While using this my skin has appeared smoother and I would be more than happy to buy more. Thank you BH and Harmony My Beauty for the opportunity to trial.” – Hayleeread more reviews here…

“I do see a difference in the glow, my skin looks fresher and more vibrant, I also noticed a change in the way my skin feels, it is certainly smoother and well hydrated.” – rinsullyread more reviews here…

“After 6 weeks of using the product my hair is noticeably shiny and my skin has improved ten fold. I’ve also noticed my nails getting longer as they aren’t breaking as easily.” – mabimoo,  read more reviews here…

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  1. I recently tried this too. I found the taste quite subtle. I’ve mixed with tea and it had a broth like taste which I don’t mind. I like that you can mix it in anything hot or cold. So far I’ve noticed a difference with my nails and my skin has a nice glow. I get that some of the reviewers may not like the taste.

  2. At first I thought that this was a face / body cream and I got really confused as to how it would help with the gut… now I know, you are supposed to take it 😛

    The reviews are a bit of hit and miss..

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