Hair raising SOS – mostly Ds

Hair raising SOS – mostly Ds

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Holidays are great for getting your groove on but have you stopped
to think of your poor mane? Blow-drying, straightening, colouring,
stress, sun…you name it, it’s bad for your hair. Poor little locks.
But don’t just slap on any old mask and be done with it, you wouldn’t
take such little care with matching your make-up to your outfit would
you? No siree. You’ve taken the simple survey (if not click here before
the spoiler alert) to find out your perfect prescription to take your
hair to seventh heaven, so let’s see what it is.

Severe damage

Uh oh, someone has been neglecting their locks recently haven’t they? We know it can seem like you’re at war with your hair, especially when it’s snapping and covered in split ends, but it’s easy to have your ‘do ship-shape in no time with these magic wonders that will be your new best friends if your hair has accumulated some severe damage and is prone to breakage.

Personalised prescription:

Dove Therapy Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo
Dove Therapy Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo contains advanced repairing serum with millions of micro particles which repair severe, accumulated damage by penetrating into the finest lines and breaks of the cuticle of every hair strand for intense conditioning. It strengthens each hair strand helping to reduce existing and future hair breakage and split ends so hair is left strong and healthy from root to tip.

Dove Therapy Intense Damage Therapy Conditioner
Dove Therapy Intense Damage Therapy Conditioner also contains advanced repairing serum to further repair damage and provide intense conditioning. Each hair strand is left strong, healthy and less susceptible to breakage so now you can wear your hair down and proud.

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