The Beauty Essentials You Need To Keep In Your Gym Bag

The Beauty Essentials You Need To Keep In Your Gym Bag

Nothing will derail your 2022 fitness goal quite like the lack of time between your spin class and next commitment. If we suspect we’ll be late for a meeting because of our lunchtime workout or there’s not enough of a turnaround between Sunday Pilates and brunch plans, we’re a good bet to cancel our workout entirely. Incredible willpower, we know.

Because let’s face it, as low-maintenance as we may be, nobody likes arriving at their next destination unshowered, sweaty and in need of a serious refresh.

So, despite an extensive hair wash and blow-dry routine feeling unrealistically impractical during your allocated 60 minute lunch break, you don’t have to spend the rest of the day in the sweaty state you stepped off the treadmill in.  With a little preparation and the right time-saving tools, taking a few minutes in the change room will ensure you’re never caught short and can leave the gym feeling as fresh as when you stepped in.

So to guarantee your sweat-sesh fits seamlessly into your schedule, these are the beauty products that you need to keep stocked in your gym bag.

Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Pure Fresh

Although it goes without saying that you should apply deodorant before working out, keeping a bottle in your gym bag for a post-sweat sesh reapplication is an excellent habit to develop. In addition to controlling perspiration during your workout, the Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Pure Fresh also delivers a refreshing scent containing vitamin E to soothe your skin after you’ve finished your session at the gym.

“It’s very easy to use and applies on very smooth and dry and has a lovely fragrance. I’ve never needed to re-apply through out the day no matter how physical the activity was that I did. Absolutely love this deodorant” – Fefe

$12.49 at Chemist Warehouse

Fudge Matte Hed

Don’t have time to complete your hair wash routine immediately after the gym? Enlist the help of Fudge’s Matte Hed sweat-absorbing spray. Add definition and texture back into unruly strands, leaving it with a firm, dry finish that is scented with fresh cucumber and melon.

$14.49 at Chemist Warehouse

Lady Jayne Style Guards™

Which is worse: arriving at the gym without a hair tie or leaving the gym with a whopping kink where your ponytail once sat? Both are equally as annoying and both can be easily avoided by keeping the Lady Jane Style Guards in your bag.

“What I do love about these are that they provide excellent hold and way more volume to my ponytail than any other hair tie I have ever used. They also make putting my hair into a messy bun much more straightforward and loose ends tuck under the spiral design with ease.” – Labelgirl

$7.99 at Priceline

Grand Nature Chamomile Hand Cream

Following a strenuous weights session or spin class, our muscles often get all the attention while our hands are neglected, resulting in blisters and rough skin. However, a hard workout doesn’t have to lead to hard skin on your hands; keep a tube of Grand Nature Chamomile Hand Cream close by to ensure your palms remain smooth.

“It nourished skin just in a few seconds, and it is not too thick. Every time I used it, I feel so relax because of its smell.” – Lovebh

$9.99 at Grand Nature

Fitcover There She Glows Self-Tan Drops

If your current face tan is doing nothing but sticking to your white gym towel, it’s time to try Fitcover’s There She Glows Self-Tan Drops. Part of Fitcover’s range designed specifically to be worn during a workout, add a few drops to your moisturiser or serum and allow the unique Melanotone™ Complex to enhance your natural melanin levels and keep skin firm without clogging your pores or triggering sweat-induced breakouts.

$49 at Fitcover

JUSTICE Professional Detangle Brush Compact

On days you don’t have time to blow -dry, the compact JUSTICE Professional Detangle Brush is safe to use on wet hair for a speedy style. 

“I get very tangled hair very easily because it’s super fine and long. This worked very well to remove my tangles very quickly!” – Clearcrystalwater

$12.95 at justcuts

TONI&GUY Bamboo Brush Collection – Radial Brush

There’s no greater ally to a sweaty fringe than a round brush and a hair dryer. The TONI&GUY Radial Brush offers anti-static bristles and a heat-resistant body for foolproof smoothing of damp and frizzy hair.  

“I have a long bob hair style and this brush is wonderful for turning the ends of my hair inwards. Nothing tangles.” – Simonja

$24 at Woolworths

HANDSOME Instant Hand Sanitiser

Let’s face it, anything rinse-free is welcome when you’re trying to freshen up in a hurry. Built with a hydrating aloe vera leaf juice formula, HANDSOME’S Instant Hand Sanitiser will not only protect against harmful bacteria but it will also replenish moisture stores and keep your hands soft and supple.

$6.50 at Pharmacy Direct

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Which beauty products do you keep in your gym bag?

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  1. I’m not a gym-goer, but I wouldn’t take most of these things. Towel, brush & hair tie – yes. If I had time, I’d prefer to wash my hair rather than use dry shampoo. I’ve got no problem walking around town with wet, freshly-washed hair.

    I carry hand sanitiser with me everywhere, since COVID.

  2. I dont have a gym bag as I don’t go to the gym for exercise at the moment I just go for walks/bike rides with my kids and that just requires a hat, spf (before we leave) and a bottle of water. We shower when we get home.

  3. My gym bag is full of items! I take a shampoo and conditioner. I have tried a shampoo bar but I am not a fan. I bring a towel. I like a dry shampoo for the day I don’t wash my hair.

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