11 things that are way too real about having your period


Being a girl is pretty kick-ass, am I right? We can totally transform with make-up #skillz, know how to completely pamper ourselves (without even heading to a salon) and just generally rule at being a super supportive sisterhood. One part of female life though that isn’t exactly pleasant is getting your period. While our monthly visitor is a constant reminder of the beauty of our child-bearing bodies, it can also be a reeeal pain. Here are 11 things that are too real about having your period (we’re in this together gals)…

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1. Craving anything and everything that’s bad for you

Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

2. Becoming a real life walking version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One minute you want to murder someone and the next you want them to hold you while you play John Legend’s entire collective works (while eating chocolate).

3. Being debilitated by cramps

And nearly punching your best friend straight in her smug face when she says, “Oh, I never really get period pain.” #stoptalking

4. Sneezing, coughing or intensely laughing and feeling like you’ve exploded


5. Thinking you’ve got another few days before it arrives and being wrong

BAM! It’s here, you’re out of tampons on a date in a white dress. Not ideal.

6. The surreptitious walk to the bathroom with your pad or tampon hidden

Only to be stopped by your colleague to chat about anything and everything other than the fact that you need to change your tamp (NOT NOW JUDY!).

7. Period + beach weather = disaster

No matter how hard you try you’re worried that sneaky string is going to make an unexpected appearance outside of your bikini bottoms.

8. Waking up in the morning and hoping you don’t have to wash your sheets.

Those anti-leak panels better be like Fort Knox.

9. When the bloating gets out of hand

Trackies errrryday.

10. When you think it’s finished and it sneaks back up on you like some sick joke.

11. When it’s finally over and you feel like how you would imagine Beyoncé feels every day. #slay

Laters Satan! (Until next month…)  

Can you relate to these period truths? What else would you add to the list?

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