How to keep your fitness motivation

How to keep your fitness motivation

I often find it difficult to maintain fitness motivation, and I don’t even have any little ones to worry about (yet!). So when I see mums out and about in their #activewear or at the gym, I am always so impressed! There’s no denying that maintaining your fitness mojo once you have kids can be challenging, so I speak to personal trainer, Deedee Zibara, to find out her top tips for mums when it comes to staying motivated, fit and healthy.

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Find inspiration

If you’ve lost your fitness mojo, start looking for inspiration to give you the boost you need to get back into exercise. Deedee says some women find scrolling through the Instagram profiles of fitness brands or experts works for them. It’s a great way to get inspired, from motivational quotes to fitness products and even training how-tos. Searching the hashtags #fitness or #activemums will also give you a wealth of awesome inspo!

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow:





Join a gym

Joining a gym really does have multiple benefits, which Deedee explains: “Joining a gym will not only improve your physical health but your social health too. As humans we love feeling part of a community, and gyms not only lead to making friends, but also a sense of communal achievement. Gyms should be uplifting, positive places, so if you don’t feel that way about your gym then keep looking!”

Also, as women get older, their bones become more brittle, so using weights (which are often only found in a gym) are imperative to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. For breastfeeding mothers, any form of exercise, including weights training will help to build back muscle and bone strength that may have been lost through calcium deficiency.

Make use of your furniture

If gyms aren’t for you then fear not! You’re surrounded by options at home to stay fit. Deedee says: “If you have small children they make great weights. There are loads of clips you can find on the net for mums with bubs to help them with resistance exercises. Otherwise bench tops, chairs and tables should become your best friends. Think tricep dips, wall push-ups – the possibilities are endless. If women are one thing it’s resourceful, so put that furniture to good use!” Amen!

Deedee’s final tips

1) Stay on top of your greens and your vitamin and mineral intake. Without these, our immune defences aren’t at their bacteria-fighting best and there’s nothing worse than getting sick to deter you from your fitness!

2) Keep moving. Even if it’s a brisk walk for 30 minutes in the morning – it’s better than nothing. And that circulation you have kick-started by going for a walk/jog/run will mean you stay more alert and motivated all day. Bonus!

3) Focus on full body movement. Don’t waste much time on isolation exercises that only work one muscle group. Instead opt for whole body and combination exercises to get the most out of your workout!

What’s your top tip for maintaining your fitness as a mum?

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  1. For the past couple of months I’ve been doing a 30 minute fat burning cardio workout every morning. It’s a full body movement workout, and depending on what I’m doing I might do a pilates session or a 20 minute walk in the afternoon. It’s keeping me fit and healthy.

  2. I have a 12kg kettlebell that I keep in the kitchen. I give it a few lifts when I’m waiting for the microwave or kettle to boil. I also keep a pair of 4kg dumbells next to my chair in the lounge room to do a few lifts in the ad breaks while I watch TV.

  3. Getting started is so difficult. I needed to build up my stamina so started aqua classes, then hurt myself doing an exercise, there went my motivation and I haven’t been ‘active’ since. Definitely need to find something to motivate me now. If I had a dog I would have to take it for walks every day but I don’t want the responsibility of having to care for one and worry if I wanted to go away for a day or two.

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