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Our excuses for not wanting to exercise usually fall into one of two categories: no time and no money. And according to 2015 National Women’s Health Report, presented by Priceline Pharmacy, these excuses seem to be getting the better of us, as 62 per cent of women are not getting enough exercise.

Proving that when it comes to our health, we are in need of finding ways around these roadblocks. So with the help of some very handy experts, we present to you an entire list of fitness tips that are both FAST and FREE, to help you on your way to a healthier and happier life – and to help decrease that stat!

“Taking the stairs (as opposed to the elevator) helps you maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles, improves your aerobic capacity, and burns more calories than regular walking.”

“[If you catch public transport] walk to the train station. It will take a huge chunk off your required daily 30 minutes of exercise and increases your daily step rate!”

“Use the Priceline Pharmacy online health tracker – it’s free! And it can design seven-day weekly workouts for you.”

“Free classes at your local park i.e. yoga, thai chi and sometimes boot camps – contact your local council to see what’s available and get involved.”

“[If you have a desk job], try sit squats. Get up and out of your desk chair as much as possible throughout the day. We are too sedentary! Up, and down, and down – squeeze that tush!”

-Stephanie Prem, former Winter Olympian and Priceline Pharmacy Fitness Expert

“When it comes to exercise, your body is the best piece of equipment you can own. There are a whole range of great functional exercises like push ups, jumping lunges and burpees that make for a quick, easy and free workout.”

“Get off the bus a stop early and walk the extra few blocks to work. [This] is a great way to increase your incidental exercise levels.”

“Stuck for time? Why not turn those TV ad breaks into a mini sweat session. Do squats, sit ups and star jumps through each ad break and you will easily clock up a good 15 minutes of exercise.”

“I like to be prepared, I carry a pair of runners and exercise shorts in my car, that way if I get off work early (and feel super motivated) I can go for a quick walk before heading home.”

– Em Esslemont, PT, Physio and founder of Wellbeing Worldwide –

“Try a running program. There are all sorts of online or app based running programs that are free of charge and help you build some structure into your running. Most of these programs provide you with running podcasts that provide a structured run, running music and coaching. The music even has a beat to match and drive your stride. The whole approach will have you achieving your goal of running in no time at all.  My favourite running app is ‘Couch to 5K’ however the web is full of similar programs and tools.”

“Steps and hills are a cheap and effective way to increase the intensity of your workouts. Look for a hilly area to make your walk or run that bit harder. Another idea is to find a large hill or set of stairs and build a workout around it. For example, do a set of push-ups then run up a hill or set of stairs and walk back down.  When you get to the bottom rest 30 seconds then repeat, except this time change the exercise e.g. push ups, squats, lunges and so on. This is a tough workout and will see your fitness improve fast.”

“Create your own boot camp in your backyard or at your local park. YouTube is a great source to research the exercises and practice your form. My favourites are squats, lunges, jumping lunges, squat jumps, squat thrusts, push ups, burpees, tricep dips, plank, step ups and even pullups. To do the pullups just find a sturdy tree branch and wrap a towel around it.”

“Running in the sand is a great way of developing stabilising muscles and core muscle groups due to the extra instability the sand provides. If you are really keen, try your hand at some sand dune running. A number of beaches also offer outdoor gyms with bars and structured stations for your workout. However, if that is all too much, simply grab a bunch of your friends and play some beach volleyball instead!”

“You would be amazed at the number of exercises you can do using a towel. Do a quick search on YouTube and you will quickly see that it is a great tool to add to your training and we all have a towel lying around.”

-Karen Reedman, Personal Trainer and Lifecoach

Do you have any fast or free fitness tips?

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