Six of the best: face perfectors – page 4

Six of the best: face perfectors – page 4

Didn’t your mother always say, “less is more darling.” Mine did – and she was
right you know, the cake-face look is so nineties. Now, we don’t have
to fake a flawless face with gallons of the beige stuff showered over
our imperfections – we have the knowledge that it’s all about treating
the issue, not just covering it up.
We show you how to correct your canvas, beautify your base and enjoy a
fantastically flawless face, that makes your
make-up look remarkable.

Dr. LeWinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster

“After being recommended this specifically for my own skin needs, It’s made such a difference! My skin looks so much better and my make-up stays on longer so I don’t have to slap as much on! It’s really thin and light, so if you’re like me and have oily skin and hate thick moisturisers, this is a perfect alternative!” Rating: 5/5 – bh’sNatalie

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