Eva Longoria’s Body Sculpting Exercise Is The Only Way We Want To Workout

Eva Longoria’s Body Sculpting Exercise Is The Only Way We Want To Workout

Eva Longoria has just revealed the formula behind her sculpted bikini body, and it’s probably on your children’s Christmas wish list this year… 

“I used to run, but I can’t run anymore,” Eva shared during her appearance on The Ellen Show. Despite the setback, the former aerobics instructor (yes, it’s true) didn’t give up cardio entirely; she just traded in joint-jarring runs for something a little less strenuous. 

And while your first guess might be cycling or swimming, Eva’s latest obsession is actually jumping on a trampoline. 

“It’s so fun y’all and it’s good on my knees because I’m an old b*tch,” she joked. 

So, does it really work? Take one look at the toned actress’ abs and you’ll be convinced —  which is precisely what the audience of The Ellen Show did. 

As an image of Eva in a bikini appeared on the big screen, she commented: “that’s what the trampoline does”. Well, there you have it.

Since discovering the joyful exercise, she’s even convinced a few others to join her. One of her latest recruits? Celeb pal Kerry Washington. 

Sharing to Instagram, the Scandal star posted herself attempting a trampoline workout, captioning the video: “Thank you @evalongoria for the #SisterhoodOfTheTravelingTrampoline. I promise I will keep jumpin’ so I can get on your level. You make it look easy!!!!!”

While any backyard trampoline will do, the exact one Eva uses is by the New York fitness studio The Ness. And it ain’t cheap, selling for $499 USD. For something similar, Big W sells the Fila Fitness Trampoline for $59.

Main image credit: @evalongoria

What do you think about a trampoline workout? Have you tried it before?

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  1. She looks fantastic, very fit and strong, still a size 0 (U.S sizing). This definitely has it’s advantages over running with less jarring on the joints. It can be done at home, so great in lockdown situations and safer as well.

  2. Inspired by Eva’s video, I pulled out my mini-trampoline this morning and gave it a whirl. It was fun and it’s staying out for a while so I can keep practising.

  3. I love my mini tramp! Got me through lockdown and helped with my rehad after an ankle injury. So much fun to put some tunes on and have a dance on it.. Can’t recommend it enough!

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