Baby Spice Emma Bunton shares the surprising symptoms that led to her premenopausal diagnosis


To us, she’ll always be ‘Baby Spice’. But as she speaks out on her battle with menopause, it seems 45-year-old Emma Bunton’s latest hurdle is as grown up as it gets.

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 The iconic ‘90s popstar recently spoke of the heartbreaking experience of finding out she was premenopausal. The proud mum of two boys, Beau (13) and Tate (10), said the dream of having a third child felt like it was slipping away from her. 

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“I cried my eyes out. I thought, ‘is this the end?’ It’s been a very weird time. I’m a very mumsy person; when I see my friends’ babies I always become broody. But now I thought, ‘OK, this is it,’ she said, speaking to Daily Mail’s You magazine. 

Initially putting symptoms of anxiety and feeling unbalanced down to pandemic-induced stress, it was during a Zoom session that Emma found out she was experiencing the pre stages of menopause, not uncommon to a lot of women in their mid to late forties. 

Image credit: @emmaleebunton

However, Emma and her partner Jade Jones aren’t allowing this bump in the road to stop them from at least having a try. The couple remain hopeful but have relieved themselves of any pressure, as she shared, “we still talk about it, but it makes me nervous. If it happens, of course it would be amazing.”

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Have you gone through menopause? What were your symptoms?

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  1. A female relative of mine had some issues with with her womb and her gynecologist recommended to have her uterus and ovaries removed as a precaution, but told her it will throw her straight into menopause. He said the average age for menopause is 53. So 45 isn’t really that young to be experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms which is what Baby Spice is experiencing. Menopause can take years to happen and some women are through it in one year.

  2. That’s youngish for menopause, but not uncommon. I’m glad I’ve gone through it relatively symptom free, just some dry skin and a feeling of sadness for some time, which I saw my GP about and it passed.

  3. Emma Bunton’s has a beautiful family, premenopausal symptoms and mood swings can be hard to live with, for both yourself and your Family. So glad that she has a Positive Attitude hopefully she will get pregnant again.

  4. I started at 39 so it’s not really a surprise to me as I think a lot of women do have changes like these easily in their 40’s. In hindsight it’s quite normal. Luckily I’d had my family and was thrilled to have three girls under my wing! I’m never been much of a clucky person at all but I love and are so devoted to my girls every day.

  5. I’m getting all the premenopausal symtoms now, sweaty, depressed, a very unpredictable cycle and cranky (amongst other things) but I’m coping reasonably well and am happy with the 2 kids I have, at least she didn’t wait too long to start a family. It can happen really young, then some women find it’s too late to start a family. I’ve been dealing with it since I was her age and now I’m just so over it! It really is a bit tedious, I am almost 50, Bring it on!

    I also think she seriously needs to think about the health implications of having a child at her age for both her and her unborn child.

  6. I’ve been freakishly sensitive to the heat since childhood, so I expected to have severe hot flushes. Luckily, I went through menopause without any symptoms! It’s wonderful! I used to have menstrual cramps & premenstrual migraine every month – but no more, Hallelujah!

    I’m childless by choice, so that has never been an issue for me.

  7. I learned quite a lot about pre-menopause when one day it clicked to me that maybe what I was experiencing was due to it, namely heavier than normal periods and increased breast tenderness in addition to minor (yet noticeable to me) changes to body shape. Asthma can even be something women experience! And it’s about 10 years before menopause that you’re considered pre-menopause. I never knew any of this because my mother passed away at a young age so we never got to talk about it. Having five kids, at least I don’t have the regret that I wish I had more children – especially since my last pregnancy was challenging (possibly due to approaching pre-menopause). I think there’s a major psychological impact though knowing the decision is now out of your hands. It’s a significant physical change, but just as significant mentally.

  8. Having a baby in your 40’s is tough. Not something I would recommend. Also age difference between kids can be an issue. My oldest is 13, middle child is 11 and youngest 5 and its tough. They all want to watch different things and we find the youngest is watching shows that we never would have allowed the other two to watch but what can you do with a one lounge room house? I also struggle with the realisation that I’ll be making school lunches for THE NEXT 12 YEARS!!!

  9. I found at through my Aunt that I should not leave having children too long. I am very lucky to have two healthy children. I am also very aware that some couples go through rounds and rounds of IVF sometimes not getting the result they want. Sending hugs to any of those people reading that are in that boat.

  10. I love being in post menopause because I don’t have to worry about periods anymore (so good!), finished having my family, and I luckily didn’t have much to go through with menopause – just some hot flushes throughout the years – I think mine was a long extended menopause and was quite gentle because of that. Phew to that! I always wondered what on earth menopause actually was but I think for a lot of women it can be fairly smooth sailing.

  11. I think you have a wise Aunt PC! When I look back I had no idea I was entering a 10 year window when I started having kids and am so grateful for my handful of three healthy girls (now women!). I began a family when I was 29 with my first and started menopause signs at 39.

  12. She isn’t much older than me. 19 years. My Mum is the eldest and she is the second youngest. Mum had kids young and Aunt more average age for this day and age. She only got one baby. She wanted more but couldn’t get pregnant.

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