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70 members who were interested in making positive steps towards their weight loss goals or looking to make healthier choices to their lifestyle.

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beautyheaven says:

Eimele Meal Replacement Shake is a low calorie and nutrient dense meal replacement shake. Its formula is fortified with a vitamin mineral mix, packed with prebiotic fibre and plant-based protein, to help you feel satisfied, fuelled and feeling your best.

Members on the whole, were very impressed with the taste of both the vanilla and chocolate flavoured shakes, with chocolate being the most popular of the two, only by a fraction. There were several comparisons made to the taste of other meal replacement products on the market, with Eimele’s being described as the ‘best ever’. For those members who didn’t love the flavour, they found it helpful to add coffee, or berries to the mixture, which was a pleasant adaptation. As eimele’s flavouring isn’t overpowering,  it leaves room for users to tweak flavours to their own enjoyment.

There was resounding satisfaction with the products being plant based and vegan. Even for members who didn’t live by a strict vegan diet, they highlighted how they enjoyed the opportunity to try it out, with some voicing it may be a lifestyle diet change they will continue with after the trial has concluded.

Triallers found the first three days the most challenging, however, reported that it was a smooth ride after the initial adjustment, due to the shakes being so satisfying and not leaving anyone hungry or feeling like they needed to snack. This was something they had not experienced when using other meal replacement shakes. As some users found the individual packaging of each shake wasteful and wanted to see a more eco-friendly alternative, this was outweighed by those users who favoured the individual portions, as it meant they could travel with them on the go.

For those members with the goal of weight loss, there was resounding success with most members seeing results. Others who didn’t need to lose weight still benefited from the lighter, cleaner lifestyle which they endured during the trial. Most members reported that they will be purchasing and repeating the process again.

*Stats are based on a survey of 70 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Eimele for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“These shakes are delicious give me plenty of energy and vitamin intake while helping me stay trim and feel full throughout the day.Unlike my experience with the others it kept me fuller for longer which meant it was perfect for those busy days, where getting lunch is not always possible.” vicki laurie,Read more here…

“The Eimele shakes were exactly what I was hoping for in a meal replacement shake, I felt fuller for longer and had more energy. I will continue to use these through Winter and it will be easy to incorporate this into my daily routine when we return to work.”nomakeup-makeupRead more here…“I like the convenience and ease of putting together my meal. I know it is nutritionally balanced and there is a lot of protein.I found the shake to be super filling that I don’t snack or need more food after having the shake.”Mdy_118Read more here…“Taking the shakes came with good results. I never felt hungry between meals. I took them for the duration of the survey and lost 4 kg. I feel healthy and energetic and could happily continue with them for another week.”lindyk,  Read more here…“I found this so filling. I have now lost just over 4 kilos and am completely satisfied with the Eimele shakes. I have tried many shakes over the years and there are so many out there that do not taste so good. These Eimele shakes are probably the best I have ever tasted.”maree17, Read more here…

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  1. I am coeliac so can’t do the oatmeal. A shame as I love oatmeal. I have ordered the sample shake pack from RR as they are gluten free and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. If all is good I will order some as it is still an economical way to lose weight.

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