A day on my plate with Rachael Finch and how she’s balancing it all


If there’s one thing Rachael Finch has learned, as a former Miss Universe and Dancing With the Stars contestant, and now successful businesswoman, it’s that you live a better life if you’re happy, healthy and strong.

As mother to Violet and Dominic, and wife to Mischa (who she met as her partner on DWTS!), Rachel understands the unique pressure on women to balance their lives – mind, body and spirit.

It is this holistic approach she brings to her integrated suite of lifestyle, fitness, health and well-being products. 

Her food and fitness programme, BODY by Finch has a dedicated and growing audience and Rachael’s beautiful and functional fitness-wear range, B.O.D by Finch, is a stylish work-out must. 

And if her plate wasn’t full enough (does this gorgeous gal ever sleep?!) Rachael recently launched her new product line, Kissed Earth, selling a range of healthy blends including protein, collagen, and probiotics.

Are you convinced this woman has superpowers yet?

We sat down with the insanely successful mum to chat all things health, fitness, diet culture, balance, and of course, beauty!

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What’s a day on your plate look like?

My days can be so incredibly different, but I usually like to whip up easy to make meals from my BODY by Finch program, which can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.


It changes seasonally! When it’s warm and balmy; I love my Smoothie bowls. I include things like spinach, banana, chia seeds, nut butter, coconut milk and cacao nibs. Delicious!


I love leftovers! They are the perfect healthy lunch dish and easy to whip up in the day. We include leftover options in the BODY program but also a huge variety of dishes.


I love clean treats from the BODY by Finch program, especially our Choc peanut truffles! Another favourite is Melrose Almond Nut Butter on rice cakes with a pinch of sea salt, and whole pieces of fruit.


Some favourites are chicken skewers, grilled salmon or a good steak with potato and vegetable. Simple, healthy and delicious. 

Do you stick to any diets?

Absolutely not! I experimented over my younger modelling years with strict regimented diets, and they do not work for me.

I am very much about taking a wholesome and holistic approach – being in tune with my body, with how I feel, and what my body needs at a specific time.

I keeping food as close to its natural state as possible. The less process the better.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to food?

JERF – just eat real food! And eat to how you feel.

I want to try and eat food that compliments my body’s natural rhythm, and how I feel and what the season is doing.

For example, if I’m running around, having a crazy day, my internal body is heated, a lot of energy and fire in belly, I’ll try to eat foods that compliment that state – grounding, earthy. Slow cooked root vegetables, a stew or soup. Something easy to digest and calming for the body. As opposed to ramping me up with chocolate or fruit.

On other hand, if I’m mellow at home, quietly working away, not much on the agenda, I’ll include things can counteract but also compliment, so may have smoothie bowl, fresh crunchy salad, something to complement the feeling I’ve got.

Do you have cheat days?

I never deny myself treats… I just make them healthy ones. But I do love dark chocolate and baby chat potatoes! Yum.

How do you balance a healthy lifestyle while running a business and being a mum?

There are no normal days in my life! And I love it. We definitely have mastered the art of time-management, balance and working together as a team and that team effort is key. Misha and I share the load at home fifty-fifty and it’s really important to ensure that you’re working together to get everything done. 

We’re not superhuman! We go downstairs into the kitchen; we pop up our laptops and that’s our office. We’re very lucky in the respect that we can really spend time with the kids, navigate work – we’re always open with communication and what we need to do. 

I do have a few key things I ensure I incorporate into my every day, and these help me to keep my balance:

  • Routine, routine, routine!
  • Active meditation
  • Do something just for you each day
  • Essential oils
  • Turning tech off an hour before bed

What advice do you have for someone struggling with his or her mentality around food?

My brother always says to me, every step not matter how small is a step in the right direction. You don’t need to be a green juice drinking yogi to reap the benefits of living a healthy, low toxic life. Start by making small changes whether that be moving your body more or learning to make healthier meals. It all adds up! 

How important is a healthy diet to you?

A healthy diet is about overall wellness to me. And wellness is exactly that, a lifestyle. It’s not a fad, trend or something I go in and out of. From the moment I wake to the time I go to bed I’m choosing to do things based upon how good I want to feel and how I want my happiness to grow. I’m conscious about the food I eat, the way I move my body, the people I surround myself with, how I train my mind, what I do to enhance my creativity, and so much more. I can’t imagine a life another way. 

What are some of your go-to beauty products?

I love coconut oil and use it for variety of topical and ingestible reasons. It’s a great makeup remover, and body moisturiser!

My other go-to is our new Kissed Earth Brilliance Collagen – with 100% pure bovine peptides it’s absorbed by the body to help strengthen the connective tissue within the body particularly skin, hair, nails, joints, ligaments and gut.  

Do you have any sweat-proof beauty products you swear by?

The Garbo and Kelly Brow Gel – when I exercise and sweat my brows stay in place 100% and I wear it every day.

Sometimes I only wear the brow gel and concealer.  

What are your three top beauty tips?

  1. Beauty starts within! It’s my ethos and the reason I started Kissed Earth. It’s not just about looking outside for beauty, its starting from within – nourishing your body from within.
  2. WATER! It never goes out of fashion. Keep up 1.5 to 2 liters works wonders for beauty regime, inside and out.  
  3. Embrace your own uniqueness. Find your favourite feature, embrace it  – see your qualities and love them instead of trying to change yourself.

You can find Rachael on Instagram at @rachael_finch. You can find her workout programs at @body_byfinch and her health products at @kissedearth.

Are you constantly on the go as well? Do you have any tips for balancing it all?

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  1. Love this article. This is the way I live my life and it is the best for your body and mind. As long as you eat healthy most of the time you can treat yourself and enjoy life. I actually love eating healthy – it makes you feel good and you don’t have to go hungry.

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