Cryolipolysis review

Cryolipolysis review

We’ve all got those stubborn areas of our body that no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to tone up. For me, it’s always been my tummy. Now let’s get one thing straight – I don’t hate my body. I don’t mind that it’s a little soft in places at all! That’s perfectly normal and I’m lucky enough to be healthy. But besides my healthy diet and exercise regime, if there’s anything else I can do to help me get a little more firm in certain areas, I’m up for it. So when I got the chance to try cryolipolysis at the beautiful Body Catalyst clinic, I was game.

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Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing as it’s more commonly known, involves freezing a pocket of fat on your body. You can have this treatment performed on a number of areas, as long as there is enough fat for the CLATUU machine to ‘grab’. After a consultation with the lovely Amy at Body Catalyst, we decided to focus the treatment on my lower abdomen.

After taking my measurements, we started the treatment. The machine attached to either side of my stomach, pulling the area in so that cooling energy could treat the fat layer without damaging surrounding the cells. The fat cells are then crystallised and die, before naturally eliminating from the body over the next 12 weeks. The result of this? 20 to 30 percent permanent fat cell death in the selected area!

When the machine first went on, I definitely felt a substantial amount of pain for about 15 minutes, until the areas numbed. However this is different for everyone and a lot of people have had very comfortable experiences – it’s all about the individual, so I was just lucky I guess! Amy was so lovely and reassuring throughout the treatment and made me feel very much at ease with the process. After my treatment, I was a little sore for about a week but nothing that kept me away from work or my regular routine.

Over the next 12 weeks, I popped in to Body Catalyst to see the team every fortnight to enhance my results with ultrasonic fat cavitation, a procedure that melts fat away without the extensive risks of traditional fat reduction. There the team would guide the cavitation machine over my stomach, using low frequency ultrasound to a create a strong wave of pressure on fat cells, which sees the fat cells disintegrate into a liquid and dissolve naturally in the body. Similar to cryolipolysis, but minus the freezing, and for me, minus the pain – each cavitation was completely pain-free and comfortable and the knowledgeable staff at Body Catalyst were always helpful.

At the end of my treatments I had my 12 week milestone, where it was discovered that although I hadn’t been exercising much or watching my diet at all, I’d lost 1.5cm around my waist and 5.5cm around my stomach. But as you can see in the video, it’s the pictures that show the most difference in my body shape.

All up, I really enjoyed my experience with cryolipolysis and cavitation and I’m really happy with the results. I would really recommend the treatments for those who have areas on their body that just won’t tone up or shift with diet and exercise, or those who have a special event coming up that they want to looking extra amazing for. If the freezing doesn’t interest you, then I highly recommend trying fat cavitation instead, as I found it completely painless and very effective. But most of all, I absolutely loved going to visit the stunning Body Catalyst clinic, where the staff were always kind and made me feel 100 per cent comfortable – something that’s no easy feat when you’re in your underwear! If these treatments are something you’d like to try, Body Catalyst is definitely the place to go.

Watch the video above to see my cryolipolysis treatment at Body Catalyst!

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