9 bad health habits we’re all guilty of

9 bad health habits we’re all guilty of

We all strive to be as healthy as possible – but occasionally we fall off the wagon and back into bad habits. To assure you that you’re not alone, we’ve put together nine unhealthy habits that we’re all guilty of. Perhaps these can be inspiration for our 2018 resolutions?

#1 Skipping breakfast

You need much more than a large coffee to break your fast every morning. Touted the most important meal of the day, breakfast helps improve your concentration, stops in-between snacking and keeps your appetite in check. Go for options with a healthy mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates – such as poached eggs and avocado on toast.

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#2 Eating too fast

Wolfing down your meal can be very tempting, especially when hungry. However, by doing so you’re probably not chewing your food properly, and it can lead to over eating – as the body doesn’t get a chance to signal to the brain that you’re full – as well as bloating or digestive issues.

#3 Biting your nails

This is why you need to stop biting your nails – but in short, it’s gross.

Stop your bad habit in its tracks with Mavala Stop Nail Biting Deterent, Revitanail Stop Bite & Protect or Manicare Bite No More.

#4 Leaving your tampon in

It’s the end of your period, your flow is light and you accidentally leave your tampon for god knows how long. While common, doing so can lead to a funky smell or dryness and sometimes even infection – and you definitely don’t want Toxic Shock Syndrome! Be sure to break this bad habit by setting a reminder on your phone.  

#5 Using soap down there

Respect your vagina’s delicate pH balance by only using products that are specifically formulated to go down there.

We like: sebamed pH 3.8 Feminine Intimate Wash and Vagisil pH Plus Intimate Wash.

#6 Not getting enough sleep

To avoid racking up a sleep debt and to get your mind and body performing at its very best, aim to get around eight hours of sleep every night.

To help you get in the mood, run a bath with L’OCCITANE Lavender Foaming Bath and diffuse a few drops of In Essence Sleep Essential Oil Blend in your bedroom.

#7 Forgetting to take off your bra

We’ve told you before that it’s better to sleep naked – however if you’re not ready to part with your favourite pair of pyjamas, at least take off your bra before you hit the hay. Not only is it wayyy more comfortable but leaving your bra on overnight can also leave an impression on your skin (especially if it’s too tight!) and in the long run, damage the tissue.

#8 Not wearing sunscreen

If you’re not wearing sunscreen every single day – are you insane? Sunscreen is the single most important beauty product, period.

We like: Avène Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+ for the face, and either DermaVeen Daily Nourish Revive & Protect Body Moisturiser SPF 50+ or WOTNOT 30+ SPF Natural Sunscreen for the body.

#9 Letting stress rule

Stress relief should definitely be part of your daily routine. Whether it’s meditation an intense work out that gets the blood pumping or simply a hot bath – take some time out from your busy day. Doing so will help with mental clarity, overall health and make you a way happier person.

Are you guilty of any of the above bad habits? 

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