Cold comforts

Cold comforts

Dear readers, I type to you from my deathbed – or at least that’s what it feels like as I feel sorry for myself under a doona on the couch. I’ve finally succumbed to the cold that’s been stalking me for weeks and, according to beautyheaven law, when you’ve got a bug that breeds in air conditioning, you’re banished to the confines of your home.

But a dose of self-pity and Oprah alone aren’t going to help. It’s time to break out the trusty cold comforts kit: a lavender-scented wheat bag, a brightness-boosting face mask and as much vitamin C as I can chew or swallow. Yeah, I know not every doctor is convinced that vitamin C can blast out a cold, but if my choices are giving it a shot or letting the aches have their sneezy way, I’m firing with whatever ammo I’ve got. And this year I’m going for goji.

Frankly, I couldn’t face gallons of orange juice, and it’s said the little goji berry brims with 500 times more vitamin C than an equal shot of OJ. Plus, along with all that antioxidant action, the goji is credited with 20 skin-supporting trace minerals, 18 amino acids and the essential fatty acids skin needs to stay springy and youthful. Look good equals feel good, right?

But while goji might be all the buzz this flu season, not everyone’s convinced it’s the magic bullet. Studies proving its health benefits for humans are scarce and some even cast doubt that commonly bought dried goji berries (like the ones I’m munching now) have all that much vitamin C at all.  Lucky I’ve still got a batch of chicken soup and under-eye concealer as back up. They never let me down.

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