BlogStar entry: Yes To Carrots Body Butter review

BlogStar entry: Yes To Carrots Body Butter review

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Winter is definitely taking its toll on my skin these days, but not anymore when I’ve been so graciously given Yes To Carrots Body Butter! I can now very gladly say goodbye to ridiculously dry, rough, flaky skin and survive this winter (and all winters after this, of course).

I just slather this all over my body after showers and before sleeping, and I’d wake up with such soft skin, I’ve also noticed a new healthy glow to my legs which was never there before.
”¨The thing I love about this body butter is that it contains very few to no nasty chemicals at all! Although the butter doesn’t have the best smell ever, it’s not a bad one either – rather like sunscreen.

After years of searching for the perfect moisturiser, I can’t believe I have never come across this and you can guarantee that I’ll be a very loyal customer to Yes To Carrots!

Muah! Well see you little beauties later (:

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