BlogStar entry: why peeing in the shower may not be all bad!

BlogStar entry: why peeing in the shower may not be all bad!

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This dirty habit is one that many people like to keep to themselves. It may be a good way to save water and time but how many people really want to admit to peeing while in the shower? Not me….

Anyway, I have had a couple of occasions in my life when I not only had to pee in the shower but I had to pee right onto my hands. Why? Well, I am an eczema sufferer and during my teenage years and into my early twenties I suffered very badly with eczema on my hands. This was made worse by my chemical degree, working as a waitress and a cleaner and regular swimming training. I also lived in the UK back then so winter meant a world of pain as I suffered inflamed cracks in the skin on my fingers. Sometimes up to a few millimeters thick. I was desperate. Doctors prescribed anti-histamines (to help with the itch) and hydrocortisone cream to help topically. While both of these treatments worked to some degree I was still left itching and suffering more often than not.

It was one of the village locals that told me of an old eczema remedy that involved peeing on the affected area. Initially I thought that this was ridiculous and was a bit repulsed at the thought but after a few more weeks of painful cuts I decided to give it a go.

Fresh urine is sterile (unless you have a urinary tract infection) which means it is free from bacteria and other disease causing contaminants. It is also a rich source of Urea – an ingredient commonly found in skin creams as it is great at rehydrating the skin – it is this property that the eczema sufferer should celebrate.

Urea has been cited in many patents as being an effective ingredient that aids in rebuilding the epidermis. In eczema sufferers the skins natural barrier function is reduced by constant scratching and scarring of the epidermis. Re-building the epidermis is essential in trying to control the scratch-itch cycle.

Urea is readily soluble in water as you would expect with it being excreted in pee. However, putting urea into a water based formulation for cosmetic use is not easy as urea readily breaks down in the presence of water to form ammonia and carbon dioxide. Therefore it is common to find urea in waterless emulsions and ointments rather than aqueous creams.

So, as long as you do not have a UTI or other “pee infecting” bugs, your pee is quite a potent beauty treatment. When fresh it shouldn’t smell too much (depending on your diet). Leaving it to stand increases the smell due to the breakdown described above – it is the ammonia that stinks! You may not like the idea of peeing in the shower and you may be repulsed by the thought of peeing on your own hands but believe me, if eczema or chronically dry skin is making your daily life painful, some pee therapy may be just what the doctor ordered. I persisted with my pee treatment over the winter months and found that my skin did improve much more quickly than before. I still had to use the hydrocortisone and kept up with the anti-histamines though, just to be safe!

Pee should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If in doubt please see your doctor or dermatologist for more help. There are many ways of treating dry skin and eczema, this is just one of them.

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