BlogStar entry: what’s yours is mine, right?

BlogStar entry: what’s yours is mine, right?

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It’s true, The amount of beauty products my girlfriend has mesmerises me and I really don’t understand why she needs more. As a bloke I’m first to admit that I take a less is more approach to my grooming and maintenance routine and feel much more comfortable using products that say “men” on the label, but after some poking about in her stash I’m starting to see why “everything’s for something” as she continually reminds me when I tell her that she has enough!

Apart from some things I found in her collection that I can only guess at what they are for, and am in no way about to ask her, I did find some great products that are perfect for a quick spruce up. I’m the King of “Shower in A Can” solutions and thought I knew all the tricks until I found more….

Batiste Dry Shampoo (original) is a lifesaver, After watching her use it I sneaked a spray in the bathroom one day curious to see what the fuss was about and found myself with a shampoo shortcut. Never thought I’d be washing my hair from a can but, yeah, such a thing exists and works a charm.

Deodorant city was next, no chance of trying her roll-on’s or Impulse spray (way too fruity) but the QV Naked Deodorant Spray was fragrance and alcohol free, long lasting, and actually worked. Physical outdoors work requires a reliable deodorant and this passed the test with flying colours. After fessing up that I was the one using up the “Shower In A Can” I learnt that this one was aluminium free which was a bonus as I spray loads of deodorant on so at least now I’m coating myself with crystals and not loading up on heavy-metals!

My fave from the stash is the Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll-On. Always loved my coffee but had no idea it could refresh my eye area like it does. I’m not even close to being a newage prettyboy. Actually I’d say I’m old school, the average Joe who prefers to shave as little as possible and hates any type of fuss. But this is a little ripper, actually, that should be Roller! I Needed something to help my dark, puffy tired eyes, saw this being used and figured I could handle it. Easy to use, a gentle roll around the eye area it refreshes and revives instantly. I really like this eye roll-on, have followed advice and keep it in the fridge (hidden behind the beers of course!) giving it extra soothing power and am the proud owner of my own thanks to a shopping trip to Woolworth’s.

Just between us, I’m now on the road to understanding why there are so many beauty products, that they each have their purpose and it can be cool to try new things even when they don’t say “Men” on them. Time to share from my stash next I guess.

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