BlogStar entry: vibrating technology

BlogStar entry: vibrating technology

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Lancôme introduces the new ‘Lancôme Oscillation,

The newest thing in mascara heaven, a simple push of the button and this technology-advanced mascara provides 7000 microoscilliations per minute of vibration. No need for original mascaras anymore, that  take forever to coast every single lash, without looking clumpy.

The vibration promises well-defined super long, thick lashes- the forever longing false lash effect, without the hustle and bustle of all the glue applying and sticking of fake lashes

Each lash is said to receive 360-degree coverage, to provide maximum length, equal separation and multiplication.

So, throw out your day-to-day basic mascaras, because the new era in technology advanced superior mascaras are here!

Life just seems to get simpler all the time……

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