BlogStar entry: TurboLash

BlogStar entry: TurboLash

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A vibrating mascara. That’s right, vibrating.

Now that I’ve got your attention, its time to introduce you to a new friend of mine – Estee Lauder’s TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara. And let me tell you, he is one spiffy contraption.

A world first in mascaras, this lash coating wand packs a punch. A vibrating punch that is. One small twist on the lid and boom! The motion sensations are on their way…

As you buzz the wand through your lashes, each lash is lengthened, fattened up and curled like a curly whirly. Yum, chocolate. But don’t worry, all the weight is going straight to your lashes. (Sigh!)

What a smashing idea for those lazy girls who can’t be bothered to wiggle their fingers while applying mascara. Genius.

What are your thoughts?
Too crazy for 2010?
Or totally amazing, why didn’t we think of it before, fabulous?

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