BlogStar entry: tips and tricks for the party season!

BlogStar entry: tips and tricks for the party season!

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Matte is where it’s at, if you don’t want to leave your makeup on the dance floor!

Preparation is a key factor if you want your makeup to last. Start by cleansing, toning and moisturising the skin, and then apply a primer and long-wearing (matte or semi-matte) foundation.

Hot tip! To minimise break-through shine, brush a mattifying powder over your foundation, paying particular attention to the T-zone.

Cool trick! Powder-coated blotting papers are a handbag must-have. They are lightweight and portable, and are the perfect way to touch up when the heat of the night takes hold.

Want eyelids that sparkle like Christmas stars?
To achieve a strong colour pay-off, press a metallic eyeshadow over the eyelid with a firm, flat eyeshadow brush. Using a repetitive patting motion (as opposed to blending from side to side) will allow you to build intensity. Alternatively, for a sheer wash of colour, take the shadow on a soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush, and using a series of back-and-forth strokes, blend it over the eyelid.

Cool trick! To strengthen the metallic sheen of an eyeshadow, prime the eyelid with a satin-finish concealer first. For a flatter effect, begin by preparing the lid with a layer of loose, matte powder.

Hot tip! To maximise your eyes, load on the mascara and add a few individual false lashes to the outer corners. For a fan-like flutter, opt for a fun set of full-strip falsies.

Get festive fingers and toes!
For one-of-a-kind nails that scream “I’m ready to party”, simply add a coloured loose powder pigment, or some cosmetic-grade glitter, to clear nail polish.

Cool trick! Can’t be bothered mixing? Paint your nails, and while they are still wet, press the pigment or glitter over the top.

Hot tip! Don’t know which shade to choose? Be inspired by the colours of Christmas … think candy canes, tinsel, snowflakes and chocolate Santas.

Cherub cheeks!
Take a shimmery pink, peach or nude-beige powder blush on a small, round blush brush, and using circular motions blend it over the apples of the cheeks (the plump part which protrudes when you smile).

Hot tip! Prefer a cream blush or cheek tint? Yes? For a flawless finish, apply it to the apple of the cheek or onto the cheekbone and then blend with your fingertips. The warmth in the pads of your fingers will melt it seamlessly onto the skin.

Cool trick! Glow like an angel! Take a light-coloured pearlescent eyeshadow or frosted highlighting powder on a soft, fluffy brush and sweep it over the top of your cheekbone (just beneath the outermost corner of the eye) and blend, blend, blend!

Do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
For shiny smackers with staying power, fill in your lips with lipliner and then slick your favourite gloss on top.

Hot tip! To preserve your party pout, drink through a straw.

Merry makeup application! Jingle your bells and shake your baubles at this year’s Christmas party!

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