BlogStar entry: the beach belongs in your bathroom

BlogStar entry: the beach belongs in your bathroom

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Having a problem with breakouts? Face beginning to resemble a pepperoni pizza? Ears the size of dinner plates? Sorry, not too sure ‘bout that last one. For the others, help may be at hand.

Think back to the last holiday where you spent almost everyday at the beach relaxing on the sand reading a magazine, or maybe with your wireless laptop getting your daily fix of Beauty Heaven (hope you were wearing SPF30+). And then having a nice cool dip, splashing about in the ocean.

What’s that? Oh, you already live by the beach. Beachfront house, eh. And you have perfect skin. A bit smug aren’t we? No, no good for you. But now might be a good time to run off, enjoy a Kit Kat and catch up on The Hills while the rest of us read attentively.

As I was saying, thinking back to anytime you’ve gone for daily dips in the salty goodness of the sea you may have noticed after a few days your normally rebellious skin starting to clear up. The natural saltwater initiates healing due to its mild anti-bacterial properties and its alkalinity helps normalise sebum production.

For the rest of us urban dwellers it’s possible to bring these pure results of seawater into our very own bathrooms with a simple and effective Saltwater Face Bath. It’s really quite straightforward. The key is using the right type of salt.

To make the Saltwater Face Bath, simply dissolve one quarter to half a cup of salt in a bowl of warm water. Ideally use natural/organic salt found at your organic grocer or local health food store. It won’t be as white as table salt, and you may notice extra goodies that once belonged to the sea that will now be added nutrients for your face. Just remember table salt isn’t going to cut it.

Repeatedly splash your face with the saltwater or if your bowl is big enough, dip your face in and hold, several times. Rinse off with fresh water, or if you’re game (and want added rewards) let your face air dry to leave a very fine (and beneficial) salty residue.

So pop on your sunnies, lay out a towel, lie down, relax and enjoy the Beach in Your Bathroom.

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